Kit homes today are made from innovative designs and have more desirable contemporary features than ever before. Luxurious kit homes can be created from a homeowners own specific custom design, or homeowners can choose from a variety of very attractive existing floor plans. Homes are very well-built to strict and exacting standards, and are more affordable than a conventional home that is built on a home site.

Kit home

Homeowners often can save between ten and twenty-five percent of the home cost simply by having a kit home custom-built for them. Factors such as weather are taken out of the construction time, allowing homeowners to save money that way, and attractive kit homes take less time to build.

Custom designed kit homes can be as simple and small or as large and elaborate as the homeowner desires. There are many customization options available in kit homes, allowing for personal expression and flexibility in design. The home becomes even more personal when it is built to the homeowners exact specifications.

Kit homes offer many more families the option of owning a home. They are built from high quality premium materials and are built under the strictest standards of construction. Each home must pass compliance qualifications before a home can be delivered. This assures the customer of the best quality in their kit home.

In addition, many of these homes today are built on a stationary foundation and are also eligible for many types of traditional home loans. Appraisals done on kit homes show that they retain value and even increase in value at about the same rates as other homes in the geographic area that they are placed.

Homeowners buying kit homes are often pleasantly surprised at the number of options available to them. They can have customized dens included in them and even beautiful fireplaces. Many exceptional special features are also available such as custom dormers, spacious porches and bay windows and other specialty windows. A kit home built today does not have to mean a cookie cutter style home at all. Options are as varied as the personalities of the homeowners designing and buying them.

In addition, luxurious kit homes are specially engineered to meet and sometimes exceed qualifications for being energy-efficient and to also meet the standards for wind and weather safety. Very attractive exterior options in a kit home include vinyl overlap to vertical wood and even beautiful options in log homes.

Some of the best words that have been used to describe luxurious kit homes are quality, beauty, simplicity, value and savings. Kit homes are available in many desirable styles ranging from small starter homes to luxurious million dollar homes. It all depends on the needs and desires of the homeowner.

What customers seem to enjoy most about buying a luxurious kit home is the opportunity to plan out and design a truly one of a kind home that fits or exceeds all the family’s expectations. They relish the opportunity to create a personal place to call home.