Modern technology has brought the concept of locking up your valuables to a whole new level with the latest keyless door locks. Offering a variety of advantages, keyless locks make it faster and easier to unlock your door while also adding enhanced security. In addition they come in a multitude of styles and functions so you can match your lock type to your home and lifestyle.  So no more jiggling your key in the hole to try and make it work or scavenging through your handbag, unless of course this is what you prefer. Image Source: The most common of keyless locks is the code lock, which allows entry by entering a private code into the keypad. With this option families can choose a code lock that allows every family member their own private code as well as visitors, so when your visitors leave you can simply delete their code. Installation is easy and you never have to worry about losing your house keys again. Image Source: The combination door lock operates like your traditional three digit dial combination lock, but also features the option of a key lock for those who aren’t ready to take the jump. Only a screwdriver is needed to install the combination lock, the combination is changeable, no batteries are required and it proves to be one of the cheaper options when choosing a keyless locks for front doors. 3.       The remote control lock Image Source: The remote control door lock works just like the remote you use for your car, enabling you to open the door from up to 30 feet away. So if you know who is at the door and you are unable to get up you can use the remote, or if it is pouring down with rain, you can unlock the door before you even get out of the car. The remote control is easy and useful especially for those days when you forget if you locked up, just hit the lock button again for added peace of mind. Image Source: Another keyless option is the proximity door lock, which opens by swiping a badge or fob in front of the sensor and the deadbolt unlocks. These type locks do not require any wiring they simply use batteries and they install just as easily as a traditional key lock. Badges are the size of a credit card and can also be programmed to more than one door. Image Source: Of course for those who dare to really push the boundaries of modern technology there is the biometric door lock, using your finger print to allow you access into your home or business. The newest in high security the biometric lock not only secures, but controls who exactly can enter. The biometric lock caters for a fast entry and allows for alternative entry options just in case something goes wrong and similar to our other keyless options proves to be easy to install.