Everyone has the ability to come and go from their house as they please. It’s a very freeing feeling that we have. However, shouldn’t your pet have this right too? Not enough dog owners take into consideration installing a doggie door. While cutting a hole into your door may not seem like a great way to spend the day, they’re relatively easy to install. Not only do they make things better for your dog, but they also make things a lot more convenient for you. Here are some reasons why you should consider installing a doggie door for your four-legged friend.


Benefits for Your Dog

  • It allows your dog to go out and explore things on their own. Dogs are nothing if not little explorers. Having a doggy door increases their ability to go out and investigate things in the front yard or backyard. Overall, this will make your dog a lot happier.
  • It isn’t just for indoor dogs. Indoor dogs can use it to get outside when they want to and outdoor dogs can use it to go inside when they want to. This is, especially, useful on rainy days and you don’t want your dog stuck in the doghouse during a storm.
  • Gone are the days where your dog has to “hold it.” Everyone with an indoor dog knows that after a long day at work, the first thing they have to do is open the door so their dog can go pee. A doggy door makes your pet more comfortable by allowing it to go take care of its business throughout the day.
  • Doggie doors also prevent accidents. Puppies tend to have a harder time “holding it” than older dogs. Having a doggy door can prevent a lot of messes.
  • Dogs get bored when they’re cooped up in the house. Boredom can lead to your dog being a little bit on the destructive side. There are horror stories of people coming home from work to an absolutely trashed house. Having a doggy door is sure to keep your dog stimulated.
  • Dogs love scratching doors when they want to go outside. While it’s a good idea to keep your dogs nails trimmed, it’s very easy to forget. The constant scratching of the door can leave permanent marks on it.
  • Doggie doors provide your dog with plenty of exercise. Throughout the day, they will constantly be running back and forth from the house to the outside.
  • Heaven forbid, there’s some sort of fire or danger inside of the house. A doggie door can save your pet’s life. Dogs die every year, in house fires. Obviously, this is because dogs can’t open doors. With a doggie door, you are ensuring that your pet has a means to escape if the worst comes to pass.
  • In addition to providing safety on the inside, doggie doors can provide safety on the outside. Doggie doors can allow your dog to investigate intruders on the outside. This can alert you or your dog may be able to scare them off.

In addition to providing a multitude of benefits for your dog, remember that a doggie door is useful for you as well.

Benefits for You

  • Installing a doggie door means less annoying barking. We love our dogs, but boy can they be annoying when they want to go outside. Instead of barking at things they hear outside, they’ll be able to leave an investigate.
  • When your dog has freedom to come and go as it pleases, it also means your dog is less reliant on you. Now, you don’t have to worry about crawling out of bed at the break of dawn to let your dog out. Sleep in!
  • With a doggie door, you don’t need to take your friend on nearly as many walks. It will exercise on its own and let you do your own thing. Dogs that stay in the house all day tend to have a lot of pent up energy by the time you get home from work.

All in all, installing a doggie door is a quick and easy process. They have the ability to make you and your dog much happier.