Roof lanterns are the perfect addition to a home during a renovation due to the characteristics that allow light to flood into areas of your property that were previously dark. Light can flood into downstairs extensions of through flat roof extensions, and a roof lantern, rooflight, or skylight can be designed in bespoke fashion to dimensions that suit your specific home renovation project. Always make sure that your home renovation is fully thought out, designed and planned, with a roof lantern as part of the explicit design that you have agreed with your builder. That way it ensure that there are no nasty surprises further down the line and the roof lantern can become the perfect cherry on the top of your home renovation plans.

The beauty of roof lanterns within modern architectural design and home renovation techniques is that they bring so much elegance, light and joy to any room that they are applied to. Flat roof extensions and other flat roof areas that are being renovated on a project are the perfect surface for a roof lantern to be installed. These areas can come to life with modern glazing bringing with it a year-round warmth that provides home owners to utilise a brand new space no matter the weather outside. Roof lanterns can include two-tier vertical windows, be of various dimensions and with rectangle roof lanterns with large glass panels you have control over opening a room up immensely with just the choice of roof lantern design.

Within a home renovation there are many different factors to consider but a roof lantern application offers flexibility with its design and choice of colours. Whether you are adding to a traditional structure or building a modern extension to a property, through a flat roof extension, a well designed roof lantern, made from PVC or Aluminium will add a whole new dimension to the room it is being applied to.

All rooms are different during home renovations and this will alter where you choose to place the roof lantern, as well as the dimensions of your roof lantern and the size of the panes of glass. If you are looking to install rooflights on the flat roof of a long, narrow room and you are looking for multiple roof lanterns, the best approach might be to have a number of windows evenly spaced out along the length to ensure that all areas of the room benefit from the extra light. In a room that is tall and not as long it might pay to have one roof lantern, designed to be large in dimension and with larger panes of glass than the other option. In these instances the light will flood down from above and cover the whole room through one roof lantern.

As each project is different, it is good practice to speak to specialist roof lantern suppliers who understand how to produce bespoke designs for a range of requirements and desires. Once a roof lantern has been designed to your specification it can be helpful to have experts at hand to offer installation guidance as well.
Content written by Hannah Grimsby