Trying to fit your dream kitchen into a smaller space, can be a hassle. But it doesn’t have to be. Here are our tips to make sure your small kitchen feels larger!

Whilst it’s easy to sit and pine after a huge kitchen, it’s sometimes ideal to be realistic. Because, put simply, you may not have the right size space to accommodate a large kitchen. But bigger isn’t always better. Yes, a huge kitchen would be nice, but if you haven’t got the space, you’ll need to compromise…

Have no fear, we’re here to help. Compromising on size does not mean compromising on style, quality and design. There are so many ways to make a smaller space work for you, all you need is the right kitchen design ideas for smaller spaces. That’s where we come in. We’re here to show you how you can utilise a small space and create a beautiful kitchen for your home. Find out more, below.

The Layout

Your new, small kitchen will need to be laid out in the right way. It’s to make sure that the space you have available is being used effectively. The layout needs to not only be functional but make sense for your lifestyle and you – after all, if you’re spending most of your time in the kitchen, it needs to be right for you. Let’s give two examples. For those that love to cook, you’ll need a more functional space. Laid out in a way that makes the flow of cooking easier – sink, fridge and hobs in close proximity with tonnes of work top space to prep. For the entertainers, you’ll want space to have your guests to sit and stand around with drinks and nibbles etc. The layout of your kitchen is about having a defined space for your needs. Whether it be cooking or hosting, your small kitchen layout needs to work for you.

The Lighting

One tip that designers all agree on is that light makes a space feel bigger. Yes, whilst you may not have the largest space available, one way to make sure your kitchen feels bigger than it is, is to light properly. The key is balancing both artificial and natural light, making sure they both work in harmony. So, when it comes to designing your small kitchen, make sure the plans include windows to let in natural light, and the right artificial lighting.

You can use different directional lighting to create different moods and serve different purposes. Take downward pointing lights, they’ll illuminate your worktops so that when prepping food and cooking, it’s easier to see. You can include upward facing lights for when you’re hosting, to create a more relaxed atmosphere with mood lighting. Utilise both natural and artificial light to make your small kitchen feel larger.

The Storage

One key thing that can detract from a small kitchen’s potential is clutter. The more you have on display, and not tidied away, the more cluttered your kitchen will look. Which, in turn, means that your small kitchen will begin to feel a lot smaller – and all the natural and artificial light in the world won’t help! So, it’s key when designing a kitchen for a small space to ensure that there is ample storage available. Okay, we’re not saying that you can’t have anything on display! But keep it minimal. Less is more, and a few essential utensils, appliances and decorative pieces are good, but don’t overdo it. You have cupboards and cabinets for a reason, so utilise them. Pack anything non-essential away to make your kitchen feel larger.

The Colour and Styling

So, know we’ve moved past the design, it’s time for painting and decorating. The way you ‘colour’ your kitchen can have an impact on the overall design of your small space. We spoke about the detrimental effect of clutter on your kitchen space but having too many colours battling against each other has the same effect. Busy patterns and crazy colours can make a small space feel even smaller, and with all the work put in to lighting and storage, it’s not ideal. So, when it comes to styling your kitchen, it’s key to use neutral tones – ones that aren’t as bold and busy. And, if you do want to go bold, choose a feature wall or two, to really accent a part of your kitchen. The bold colours draw the eye, but don’t detract from the ‘size’ of your kitchen.

Having a small kitchen doesn’t mean it has to feel small. With our kitchen design ideas and tips, you can maximise the space of your kitchen in your small home. It’s all about making sure you have a space that works for your needs, as well as having the right lighting and storage (to make it feel bigger). Finally, styling your kitchen with more neutral colours and feature walls will make sure that your kitchen feels much larger than it is. Making your smaller space work for you.