Is This A Job For A Pro? 

Deciding whether or not to take on a DIY task yourself, or pay a professional to do it for you, is never easy.  It can be tempting to try to save money by doing as many things as possible yourself, but in many cases this is a false economy.  You aren’t saving money if you mess up a job and end up having to pay extra for new materials, extensive repairs, or someone to come in and undo your mess.

This infographic offers a reality check for over-enthusiastic DIY lovers, and helps you decide whether you really should take on a task yourself or not.  It asks simple, to-the-point questions about your skills and resources, and answers the all-important question of “is this a job for the pros?”

Before you dig out your toolbox and start yourself on a path to household destruction, follow the flowchart and find out whether you’re being practical, or a cheapskate. The questions may be a little blunt, but listen to the answers – it could save you a lot of money.  Even if you were up to the task of completing the project, just think of what else you could be doing with your time. This inforgraphic was put together by UK Oak Doors.