October 25, 2013 by Home My Heaven

When the warm summer breezes have ceased and the coolness of fall moves in, that doesn’t mean you have to forget the backyard activities altogether until next year. When you add a fire pit to the mix, those crisp autumn nights can be a wonderful time to gather your friends and enjoy some friendly conversation  while admiring the constellations in the night sky. Doesn’t that sound cozy? All it takes to make that vision a reality are a couple of affordable additions to your yard – like a patio heater, to name just one.

A Backyard Guide for Summer – infographic

This handy little infographic demonstrates just how well a patio heater will jazz up (and warm up) your party area. If you are having a nighttime get-together, such accessories can provide immediate warmth for your guests. Many heaters are stylish looking and will complement the carefully selected décor of your outdoor gathering area as well. Today, the most popular patio heaters on the market are electric and gas versions. Both types come in many different shapes, sizes, and price ranges. Look into your own options today!

The infographic was created by David Shank, VP of a leading vendor of outdoor misting products for residential and commercial use.

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