If you have started with a new business, you must be looking for foolproof solutions for your business to grow. The business that ignores the basics of attracting the customers often fails to attract people for being their repeat customers. Especially, if the business is product related, you cannot afford to overlook the role of packaging in the marketing of your business.

There are a few packaging factors that play an important role in the performance of the product in the market. The important factors that every businessman needs to consider for successfully selling his/her product in the market is:

You need a package for selling your product – I hope all of you agree with this  point. A product without a package is like a half-baked bread that neither looks good nor tastes good. There is no product in  the market that has no packaging. The package works like a clothing to the product that speaks for and about the item that is inside it.  So, it has to be attractive and self-explanatory.

The package must not cost more than 10% of the total cost of the product The basic rule for success of any product related business is that it must not cost more than 8-10% of the actual cost of the product. The fact is that the cost of the package depends a lot on the nature of the product getting packaged. It is often seen that the cost associated with the packaging of high-end goods is lower than the commodity items or the products where the packaging is more elemental than the product itself. Even the packaging material for transportation requires a careful thought as it may suck the huge part of the businessman’s budget. It needs careful planning before implementation.

The package must be promoted – It is mandatory for every package to offer protection to the body of the product, but at the same time it has to be promotional. Packaging needs to be promotional in the sense that it must be able to attract the target customers and must communicate the message to the right audience. Don’t get overwhelmed by the competition in the market, but try to focus on the color, design, language and packaging material that has the power to attract your target demographics.

Focus on large quantity orders – Ordering larger packaging quantities is beneficial both for the manufacturer of the product and packaging material supplier. It will save money to both the parties, though, in the beginning, it may be difficult for the product manufacturers to place such huge orders.

Stick to quality packaging – Mediocre packaging may lead to the failure of your product. Stick to high-quality packaging material with a well-designed exterior.

Marketing a product from a new seller is a big challenge. It is important to consider the above  aspects related to packaging along with the other marketing gimmicks.

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