Everyone has an opinion of how their kitchen should look and work. Whether you have large space or small, you want kitchen to be efficient and comfortable at the same time.

It is essential to identify your kitchen needs and then design the kitchen and not do vice-versa. Lets look at some basic points to consider while designing your dream kitchen:

Choosing layout

Nowadays kitchens are designed so that entire family can use it. The design should identify and cater to its regular activity pattern. You can choose if u want an ‘L’ shape, ‘U’ shape, single line, island layout or a peninsula layout. Whatever shape you plan, locate sink on the same wall as stove. This will prevent dripping of water on the floor when you go from stove to sink.

Choosing and placing kitchen appliances

Appliances not only aesthetically up the kitchen but they can also make the kitchen look messy. It is very important to correctly choose them and then properly place them. Knowing how you will you use your kitchen will help you determine the types and grades of appliances to consider. Try installing microwaves at height and don’t leave the cords of appliances hanging around. You can choose if you want appliances to be stand-alone or panelled on the cabinets.

Selecting material for kitchen counter tops


Pick heat/scratch resistant, non-porous tops which are durable and easy to clean. If you have an open kitchen, you cannot afford it look messy after a year due to cracks and scratches on the top. Try and pick colours which go with the décor of your living room. The flashy, modern stainless steel countertops account to an evergreen décor as well as waterproof and resistant to stains.

Selecting fixtures

Make sure fixtures look good and function well with the interior design and layout ideas you have. Your kitchen needs to be equally as functional as it is beautiful. If you have a small kitchen, you can have only a central light fixture. But, in case of large kitchens you need to have proper lighting in different sections of kitchen. You can also install dimmers to adjust the brightness of light and cut down electricity bills.

Floor Plans

There are hundreds of flooring options available in market. You can choose from vitrified tiles, hardwood flooring, concrete or natural stone. Find an economical option with shades to go with rest of your décor. Also, it should be stain proof and non-slippery so that it can last longer. Instead of wooden floor you can go with eco-friendly bamboo floor. If you stay near beach, then it’s the ebst choice as it is moisture resistant and a strong wood.

Safety and Ventilation

Last but not the least; keep in mind the safety of your kitchen. Whether you go for modular kitchen or a locally made, this is one important aspect to probe into. Put all sharp objects, like knife at a height and out of reach of children. Appliances should be installed away from sink or places where cords can get wet. Have enough ventilation, so that in case of gas leaks you may get rid of it quickly.

Remember the best thing you can have is a safe and beautiful kitchen in your home. Pay close attention to all small details and if you have hired a professional let him know all your needs. Give them proposals and ideas during planning the design of kitchen. A well-planned combination of all above things will give you a clutter free kitchen which would eventually become a place to create memories.