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Painting the exterior of your home can seriously boost the property’s value and give your house a brand-new look, but you probably already knew that. What you paint the exterior of your home, though, it is also the perfect opportunity to fix any structural issues and dings during the painting process. What’s more, you can remove unsightly, cracking, and peeling old paint. Repainting your home will even make the neighbourhood feel fresh and a little more enjoyable to return home to. For reasons like these, painting the exterior of your house is certainly worth the investment. Below, we discuss a few ways to tell if it is time to repaint the exterior of your home.

1.      Cracking, peeling paint

When you notice your old exterior paint cracking and peeling, it’s actually telling you something worth noticing – moisture may be seeping below the paint. When that happens, it may even be a sign that there is even more damage below. Moisture is the main cause of mould, too, which can result in structural damage. When you notice your paint cracking and peeling, it is time to consider repainting the outside of your house and also have the home inspected for other problems, such as mould.

2.      What’s the home made of?

Depending on the kind of material used to build your home, you can use it as a time frame for when to repaint your house. For instance, wood surfaces should be maintained every 3 – 7 years, whereas aluminium siding only needs maintenance every 5 years. Non-painted bricks ought to be power washed regularly, and cement fibreboard and bricks can be repainted every 12 – 13 years. What the house is made of certainly matters in terms of when to repaint the outside.

3.      The trim is decaying.

The trim around the doors and windows could need repainting a little more frequently than the rest of the exterior of the house. This is because the trim takes more of a beating because of frequent use. If you start noticing decay in the trim paint, it’s time to repaint your trim. It will keep your home looking great and keep the doors and windows protected from the elements.

4.      A fading colour

If the paint is fading, it’s a sure-fire sign of sun damage which can weaken the paint’s protective capacity.

5.      The house is older than 5 years.

When a new house is build, just one layer of paint is painted on it. After 5 years, it is time for a new layer to make sure the house is protected and maintained. This will also ensure you keep your home looking and feeling like new for another 5 years! Painters on the Gold Coast like those from Jason Swanson Painting & Decorating can advise on colours and finishes.

More signs it is time to repaint your exterior:

·         Cracking stucco

·         Shrinks or gaps in the boards of the house

·         Cracking caulk

Professional painters enjoy painting the exterior of homes and it gives them joy to see a newly painted house looking and feeling fresh. If you notice any of the above signs, it’s time to have the professionals paint your home’s exterior!