Are you moving soon? Do you want to stage your home in a professional and appealing way? Do you have a lot of style ideas, but with no idea how to execute them? It’s possible to achieve your dream space with what you have, and a few simple style tips can transform your home into the look of the season. You don’t have to be moving to make your home look like it’s been professionally staged. No matter the occasion, you can follow this guide to take your home styling game to the next level.

Style your Home; Image Credit: Pixabay

Even if your master bedroom is small, you can still implement this idea to make your room appear much larger. A bench against the window, a chair in the corner, or a small lounge couch with a coffee table can really open up the entire bedroom. Plus, it will make it look more like a hotel room, which is attractive to guests and gives the feeling of a luxurious living! Lighting is a subtle yet extremely powerful form of decorating that can really make or break the overall look of the room. Ambient lighting can tie a room together, giving it a warm and impressive feel. The best way to achieve ambient lighting is to place lights at varying heights around the room. There’s a big difference between a floor lamp and a table lamp in terms of effect. You can also have ceiling lights, chandeliers, or hanging lights to really give the room some dimension. Nothing can quickly up the value of your home as much as a new paint job. When it comes to picking colors, it can be overwhelming to find exactly the right shade for your home. Visiting your local hardware store, you may be faced with thousands of different swatch colors. But don’t fret! You can decide on the best color for your home based on your personal style, and what you want to accomplish with the room. White is a classy and standard color, which can pair well with any skin tone and be versatile with any style. You can switch up the game and go bold with brown or black to give your room a feeling of coolness and sophistication. Having the perfect flooring to match your home can really make the entire area pop. Wood and tile can make bold statements, and are often easier to clean than carpet. However, there are some elegant carpet options to provide the right accent to your home as well. Get a flooring expert to assess the style and dimensions of your home so you can sample a few different flooring styles. If you have all of the same shape, object, or color tone, your room may come across as boring. In order to keep things interesting, you should have different shapes and sizes all throughout the room. Add decorative pillows to your couch to make the colors pop. Put a rug under your coffee table for dimension and vibrancy. Put out decorations that reflect the moods of the season. There’s a lot you can get creative with! When you want to decorate your home like a pro, think about all of the hotel rooms you’ve stayed in. What makes them special? What makes them look so elaborate, elegant, and welcoming? You can easily reflect that same sense of style in your own home with wide ceiling lights, dynamic coffee tables, a hardwood floor, or a paint color that makes people feel cool and comfortable at the same time. And remember, above all things, you should make your room interesting so that your guests will want to keep coming back for more!