Paint is such an easy and inexpensive option. One idea is to also change the paint in the space on the walls. This will create a more fluid look. Add in a few paintings to the walls that also incorporate the colors of the walls and the fireplace to tie it all in. One thing to remember though; when painting a fireplace made from brick, this is a very porous material. If proper precautions are not taken beforehand, you are going to end up using more paint than you ought to! Try to use a paint that is specifically for a fireplace or masonry paint. One suggestion is to use something like a breathable latex paint such as Sherwin Williams Super Paint Acrylic Latex. The great thing about paint too, is that you can easily change the look whenever you want to another color or another texture. Simply paint over it! No removing adhesives or modular panels or whatever else. This is definitely one of the cheaper and easier options.

Marble can be a very expensive material. Not only in terms of production, but also because you have to get a professional to install it. But, what if there was a quicker, easier and cheaper way around it that you could do yourself? One idea is to use faux marble adhesive paper for the tile surround. Even better: Keep any adhesive handy you find, that you really love the look of, such as granite, slate or another stone, you can use this as well. It takes just a few minutes to cut the tiles out and then place them on the surround. This is also a really great option for people that rent!

White Washing Brick

Brick tends to have a very outdated look to it, especially on a fireplace. Would you want a way to change the “color” of the brick? you can actually whitewash it. This can also be done by you which means it can be a budget friendly and cost efficient project. Simply take white paint with an eggshell finish and brush it onto the brick in small sections. Then, take a clean cloth and wipe it down to remove the paint. You still get the texture of the brick, but it changes the color of the dark red to something a little more bright and clean looking.

Wall Treatments

Wall treatments are panels that are specifically designed for walls – or any flat surface for that matter. These particular panels are made of hardwood that is used for flooring or any composite wood material. These panels can actually be attached to the surround of the fireplace to create a really different look, add texture, and create a whole new style for the room. If you are really concerned about the wood that you will be bringing in for your wall treatments, go through which provides you with ample information on improted wood.

Above in the brick red section, these panels would work wonders in taking a room from outdated to modern or shabby chic, or even traditional. It really depends on the texture and pattern on the panels. One company to consider is called They have interlocking panels which are super easy to install.

Statement Making Tile

Let`s say you have the ability to install tile or you’ve ever installed tile on a floor or in your bathroom, this should also be an easy project you can do. If not, that’s okay. This shouldn’t cost all that much so, have someone else install the tiles for you. You can simply visit an online store such as to have many options in hand right away. The plan is to purchase tiles which will complement the rest of the room. For instance, an area rug in the living room, with blue and white chevrons, you can take blue and white tiles and place these around. It’s a really easy way to change the look of the fireplace and you can use and find any colors or patterns of porcelain tiles for the job. You can also use any other material you want besides porcelain. You can use slate slabs or square tiles, granite, marble, glass, pretty much anything you can think of, you can use for the surround, or the entire wall for that matter.

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