When members of staff are off work, the business can grind to a halt and productivity can suffer. Such a negative potential can be as a result of one member of the team or a group that seem to require more sick days than is average. If you want to reduce the number of absences and impact on your business, then you can follow this advice.

Conduct Regular Reviews

Keeping on top of your members of staff and checking in with them in the format of a review can give you a better chance to communicate. They may be absent more often because they’re not enjoying their job or are finding it stressful; a review gives you the opportunity to touch base on these factors.

This kind of review structure can also decrease employee turnover too. Regular contact can make employees feel valued and also help you to get an understanding of how they are progressing within their roles.

Assess their Absences

Absences at different times of the week can mean different things and have a disparate impact on your business. Looking for patterns within this and work out which days are causing the worst issues. These can be Mondays for example, which tend to be weighted higher than other types of absences as they can be indicative of a wider problem.

You can also discuss the implications of these absences with the employee, as this can impress upon them the impact that these absences are having.

Keep the Place Clean

If your employees seem to be absent frequently, then there may be an issue with hygiene in the office. If bacteria are allowed to grow unchecked in the office environment without being cleaned now and again, this could have a significant impact on your employees’ health. By cleaning the workplace regularly, you’ll notice a reduction in absences.

A local Cleaning Services Company can make this much easier for you to keep on top. While you may be hoping that employees tidy up, this isn’t always the case! Where desks are left unclean, or rubbish is left lying around, bacteria can begin to build up – there is always the potential of vermin finding a way in to nibble on the goodies left behind. A situation such as this can potentially cause illness or sickness if left unchecked.

Return to Work Interviews

If you want to learn a bit more about the nature of the illness and ensure the employee is fit to return to work, then you can conduct an interview. This interview can allow you to work out where you can improve your processes to ensure that they don’t become sick or injured. The results of such a conversation could mean that you undertake risk assessments to avoid similar incidents in the future.

With this information in mind, you can keep your employees motivated and healthy. This information will positively impact the productivity, primarily if you work to improve your policies as a result. Push yourself to have those awkward conversations with your staff if you want to understand more about what you should be doing as an employer. Remember this relationship goes both ways, so you have to contribute to it too.