Pests like gophers, birds, rabbits and deer can really damage your beautiful garden and if you want to make sure this will not happen at all, it’s time you think about some of the things you can do to protect it. However, before you will consider doing anything about it, you will need to research and see what kinds of pests lurk in the area you live in and if need be, consider a building and pest inspection. Below, we will take a closer look at some of the things you can do in order to make sure pests don’t ruin your garden.


► A piece of mesh wire placed under your garden bed is a great way of ensuring no pests will eat your plants. To do so, you will need dig around three feet into the garden bed and then have all that soil removed properly. Then, all you need to do is bury the wire mesh and using the soil you dug up, bury it.

► You may also want to take a look at some of the methods that will prevent animals form digging into your garden and one of them is to build an underground fence. To do so, you need to consider digging up 4 trenches around the garden (they need to connect with one another) and make sure they are around 3 feet deep. Then, get the same number of trenches and bury them into the ground.

► Around the garden’s border, you will need to place 4 metal posts and be sure you will attach at least two feet tall worth of netting so the garden is fully secured. Foraging animals like squirrels, deer and so on will thus be prevented from causing any damage to your beautiful garden.► Now you will need to think more about your bushes and plant and protect them properly by covering them with mesh netting, because this way you will protect them from birds and deer. Animals though can crawl underneath the net, so that is why you should make sure the netting is very well secured to the ground. Don’t forget to adjust the netting every week, because your plants grow and they need to have plenty of space to do so.► An owl decoy or scarecrows are recommended to be used in order to deter any flying pests from reaching into your beautiful garden. These will certainly manage scaring them off and make them think your garden is not really a safe place to be in. 


► Growing animals and plants pests don’t like is another idea you can consider. It’s a very simple way of ensuring they will not enter your garden in the first place. For instance, squirrels hate herbs like sage or lavender, so you can consider growing some. If deer are the number one pests bothering you, growing calendulas, irises, marigolds, basil and lavender will keep them away.

With that being said, by considering these tips you will be able to ensure your garden stays free from pests. Good luck!