A workbench requires organization and storage to keep tools in a proper place and increase efficiency. Even if spending time at a workbench is a personal hobby, getting everything organized and put away will reduce frustration.

A simple storage tool that works for any workbench space is putting in cubbies. Small cubbies are a great place to put canisters and jars with nails, screws, washers and similar small items that otherwise gets lost in a toolbox. Larger cubby spaces are perfect for project odds and ends that can get in the way of important work.

Storage cubbies are open spaces that offer storage and organization. It is easier to keep track of items, particularly with labels that are placed above the cubby space to ensure the items are put away in the appropriate spot.

When space is tight and tools are everywhere, organizing the items with a peg board can solve the problem. A peg board clears up the clutter around and on the workbench by providing hanging space for tools and large items.

The best items to put on a peg board include the basic tools like wrenches and hammers, power tools and the larger items that do not fit in traditional storage spaces. Hanging it up on a peg board will open up more space on the workbench and provide a specific location for every tool.

Storage drawers are a common organizational tool for a workbench because it provides a space for tools that fits in several areas. The best location for drawers is under the workbench or off to one side of the bench, depending on the layout of the space.

Items that are commonly placed in drawers include small objects, small to medium tools and the project materials. When using drawers for storage, it is important to label the drawers with items that are placed inside. Even clear plastic drawers will not provide the best vision of every item, so a label will clarify the types of tools or materials that are in each drawer to make projects more efficient.
Organizing a workbench and gaining more storage is a key part of efficiently completing projects within the space. Although many organizational tools are available, sticking to simple ideas that hang tools or keep items properly labeled will make it easier to use the workbench and enjoy working on hobby projects.