Your bathroom can often be dominated as family space, but why not turn it into the perfect place for relaxation as well. We all feel relaxed, de-stressed and calm after a day at the spa, so creating this tranquillity at home can give you a place to unwind after a hard day. Here are some simple ideas on how to create a perfect spa like atmosphere in your bathroom, it’s easier than you’re probably expecting.  The colour white is a great colour to give your bathroom a spa type feeling and it’s very popular too. White symbolises purity, cleanliness, simplicity and sophistication; everything that you need to feel relaxed after a hard day. It will also make your bathroom feel much bigger and spacious! Bring the outside, inside. Try adding Lotus flowers for decoration, as it symbolises purity, looks delicate and welcoming. Everything you want your bathroom to feel like. Lilly plants are also great to create an elegant look as they’re able to add colour into your bathroom, making it feel even more inviting and homely. Artificial flowers and plants are ideal if you don’t want the hassle of having to replace them every week, and they’re equally as beautiful and realistic. Adding a stone theme into your bathroom creates a cool and calm atmosphere; This Bella bathrooms natural stone sink, looks really natural and will give a bathroom a really modern look. The smell of your bathroom can really make a difference too, you don’t want it smelling of damp towels. Why not try incense such as Pure Incenses’ Rani Collection which has the scent of Blue Lotus, Harileela and Pushkar. You will never want to leave your bathroom.  It’s the little things that will really make your bathroom feel wonderful. Accessorising with bamboo adds to the bathroom with an even more calming and natural effect. House of Fraser’s bamboo bath accessories are an ideal way of adding a more natural touch, and even better it’s really affordable. Don’t forget for those long baths, your candles. A candle has the ability to really take away all your troubles whilst you’re in that bath.  Finally if you’re stuck for inspiration Pinterest have many different and unique ideas. So if you’re stuck on how to really polish off your perfect spa like bathroom but without losing the practicality for your family, head over there and have a scroll through all the different ideas. Make sure to find what you really like and what you will be happy and relaxed bathing in everyday.