There comes a time in every DIY enthusiasts life when they decide to install a new bathroom suite. Yes, you may think that it is beyond your capabilities at the moment, but when you break it down, the job is quite simple. You don’t need any specialist tools to undertake the work, and if you plan well, you can replace the entire suite in one weekend.

We are going to take a look at the process today so that you can approach the project with confidence. What is the worst that can happen if things go wrong? You will have to call a plumber to finish the job. That’s not the end of the world; I’m sure you agree. This home improvement is one of the most satisfying weekend challenges you can enjoy.

Choose The New Suite

Visit the showrooms to find a replacement suite. If you are wise, you should select one that has the same dimensions as the one you are removing. That makes the job easy. Unless you have a separate cubicle, I suggest that you install a futuristic shower bath instead of the standard one. The L shaped units take up little extra space and the connections for the taps and waste pipes are just the same as any other unit.

Pipe Joints

You should use compression joints instead of those that require a gas torch and solder. People have damaged a new suite in the past when they accidentally burn it with a gas flame. All you need for the compression joints is a spanner. They work by compressing an olive around a pipe when you tighten the nut. The olive makes a watertight seal between the pipe and the joint. When you know how they work, you can use them on the hot and cold pipes.

Here is the process for swapping the suite.

  • Turn off the water at the stop tap which is probably under the kitchen sink.

  • Run the taps and flush the toilet until water ceases to flow.

  • Disconnect the water pipes from below the taps and from the toilet cistern.

  • Remove the old suite.

  • Assemble the new toilet and cistern. The outlet should slide into the soil pipe; they are a standard size.

  • Fix the cistern to the wall and reconnect the cold water supply to it.

  • Fit the support assembly to the bath and manoeuvre it into position.

  • Connect flexible hoses to the old pipes and attach them to the bottom of the taps. It is more convenient than making changes to the pipes.

  • Attach a new trap and connect the waste pipe to it.

  • Use flexible hoses for the wash basin too. It can be difficult to get at the joints below those taps.

That is a simplified version of the project. You will face difficulties, but that is part of the fun. Even so, there is no reason you can’t fit the new suite in just one weekend. It is hard work, but your bathroom will look fabulous afterwards. I hope you enjoy the renovation; plumbing is great fun as long as you don’t flood the house. That is unlikely to happen as long as you check that all of the joints are dry when you reinstate the water supply.