Our bedrooms are our sanctuaries, more so than any other room in the home, so it’s incredibly important that our boudoirs are decked out in the most relaxing, re-energising manner possible. Why? Well, if your room is decorated in too loud a fashion or is not ordered in a calming way, your health and stress levels could suffer as a result. No materials or items bestow a calming feeling better than those of a natural origin, so to help you achieve piece in your chambers, here are some great ideas on how to naturalise your most personal of zones.

Wood Works

Whilst painted and metal bed frames and furniture can make a room look classy or modern, it’s often best to keep it simple in the bedroom, utilising pieces that are crafted only out of wood. You can pick up wooden headboards and bed frames from online sites such as Bedstar for prices far below the high street equivalent, and for tables, cupboards and wardrobes, one should definitely peruse eBay or your local charity furniture shops to get hold of the best, most wooden, bargains.

Plant Life

Alongside producing plentiful amounts of oxygen that will hugely improve the air quality of your bedroom without requiring a purifier, having lots of plants in your room, featured in the corners or windowsills, will make you feel happier and fresher. Try ferns or hardier palm plants for quick, easy, and low-maintenance Zen, however any plant can conceivably be used that doesn’t require huge amounts of sunlight to survive.


It’s a good idea to try and avoid man made fibres in your bedroom. As well as being rather uncomfortable on the skin whilst sleeping, cheap nylon and polyester bed covers and curtains generally won’t last as long as their cotton equivalents. Egyptian cotton is one of the best materials one can utilise in the bedroom, and will ensure that you have a wonderfully blissful sleep every time you lay your head.

Lots Of Light

Having your room regularly flooded by lots of natural light will improve your mood and wellbeing, as well as allowing you to wake up in a calm, natural manner in the mornings. If you’ve got lots of windows this should be an easy tip to enact, however if you’ve only got a small portal to the outside world in your bedroom, you can boost its effects by utilising mirrors and thin curtains, maximising the room’s exposure to natural light.

Have you discovered any other great ways to improve the natural feeling within your bedroom? Share your hints and tips below in the comments section!