Slippery surfaces, sharp edges and subtle trips, it’s no surprise that features to improve safety in the bathroom are so sought after when you consider hazards that wouldn’t be an issue in any other room. These are all magnified further for elderly bathroom users or those suffering from physical disabilities where a nasty fall or trip could have even nastier consequences.

Thankfully, there are loads of available options to enhance safety in the bathroom for all users, so instead of there being an accident waiting to happen, the bathroom becomes the safe and comforting hub that it should be.

Walk-in shower

Starting off with a feature that will more than likely require a complete redesign of the whole shower-allocated section of your bathroom, walk-in shower enclosures may be the largest shower options, but there’s proof that they’re also the safest.

It means you can say goodbye to a shower tray of any form as the shower floor now merges with the bathroom floor, usually a non-slip surface in these instances, and slopes slightly to drain the water away without build up.

Shower trays always present a trip hazard for those who struggle stepping over the edge into a shower enclosure, and one misstep for even the most agile among us can result in a painful injury.So eliminate this and improve safety with a walk-in shower.

Hand rails

Nothing provides additional support in the bathroom like hand rails can, and they’re so easy to incorporate almost anywhere around the room, allowing easier use for all facilities and also potentially saving lives.

The most common locations for hand rails to be fitted in the bathroom are on the wall beside a toilet, within a shower enclosure, or merged into the top edge of a bath – the latter two where slipping is a real possibility and the former extremely useful for elderly or disabled users in regaining some independence when using the toilet.

Hand rails are also completely customisable to fit with the existing style of your bathroom so they never look out of place, and there are even options that can be freely moved around from wall to wall thanks to suction cups at both ends that always hold firm.

Bath mat

There’s no doubt that stepping into a bath slowly filling with water is one of the trickiest bathroom tasks, especially for those not so comfortable on their feet.

Even with added support from a hand rail, if your feet lose their grip right beneath you, there’s not much you can do except brace yourself for a fall. That’s just not the required standard of safety.

Thankfully, bath mats eliminate the slip hazard inside the tub. The comfortable rubbery padding of the upside provides a perfect grip for both feet, while the downside is dotted with suction cups that clasp to the underwater ceramic and hold firm under all sorts of pressure. They’re cheap and, more importantly, keep you safe in the bathroom.

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