It’s the biggest challenge of urban gardeners: how to make a little space seem like home. The initial instinct is to downsize everything that goes into it, from furniture to landscape features. This sometimes works, but most of the time it only makes your garden seem tinier. Keep reading to find out about that and other tips for designing a garden in a small space. design-garden-3777732

Create a spectacular entrance.With limited space, you may wince at taking up even a fraction of it to create an entryway. But this investment will pay off big by making the size of your garden a secondary thought to its layout. You can use materials as simple as tree branches to fashion an archway, or you can build a brick feature. (This also helps cut noise if you live in a particularly high-traffic area.)

Install a lighted pathway. This feature is especially useful for evening time entertaining. No matter how small your garden is, installing lights on both sides of the walkway can add dimension and make it look bigger. In addition, this is a great ways to achieve beautiful outdoor lighting.

Build a deck. If you want a space where you can entertain, having a deck is one of the best options. But one mistake that homeowners often make when they have a small garden is building an undersized deck to save space. It’s better to have a full-sized space, however, so that it isn’t dwarfed by your house.

Choose portable furniture.Here’s one space where it’s totally feasible to save space. Choose folding chairs and a small table that are easily compacted and stored away when you need more space. Adding a hammock will provide even more seating options without taking up a lot of space. This will also allow you to change the layout of your garden more easily whenever you’re ready for a change.

Avoid fencing in your garden. If you’re surrounding by neighbours on either side, don’t try to section off your land with a fence; it will only make your space look smaller. Instead, “borrow” scenery from their gardens by leaving boundaries unmarked. It will make both of your gardens look bigger.

Add colour. Think of all the tiny space in your garden that aren’t being used. You can make it look more expansive by utilising those areas with a patch of flowers or potted plants in vibrant colours. This will also create dimension and make your garden more visually stunning.