When it comes to selling your home, you want to make sure you get the best possible price. Adding a conservatory, extending into the attic, or installing a new bathroom or kitchen can increase the price when it comes to selling, but they are also expensive improvements to make. Instead, there are a number of low-cost but effective interior design solutions that add value without taking too much time, effort or money.

Whether you plan on selling through an agent, privately, or via an onlinecompany who specialise in fast sales, try these DIY decor tips to get the best price.

Dark oppressive colours or bright orange and yellow can equal disaster to potential buyers. When it comes to selling, your home should look cosy, lived in and welcoming without looking too personal. Consider painting in whites and warm cream tones to create a neutral space that will allow viewers to envisage how they would live in your home. As an added bonus, painting in light tones creates an illusion of space, perfect for small rooms.

These two areas can greatly affect the value of your home. Installing a new kitchen, plumbing, or a bathtub are costly measures but there are plenty of other ways to update these rooms without spending a fortune.

In the kitchen, sand and paint tired cupboard doors, replace work surfaces and redecorate walls for a quick and cheap transformation. A little DIY here can renovate an old fashioned and out of date 1970s kitchen into a modern design space.

There are lots of quick fix solutions for the bathroom. Simply paint walls, tiles, skirting boards and wooden units, put up a new shower curtain or buy a new toilet seat. Alternatively, create a luxurious look with a towel rail, a statement mirror above the sink, and small accessories such as a soap dispenser or art work.

This may seem obvious, but getting rid of clutter can affect how quickly your home sells, but it can also help with the valuation. Removing personal items, such as family photographs, will make your home appear more neutral.

Having a house full of clutter makes it look small and tells viewers that there is a lack of storage. Rather than throw things away, make use of space under the bed with plastic storage boxes, put up shelves or store items in the loft.

In addition, most people have a spare room that is filled with unused items. Instead, give this room a clear purpose, whether as an office or a guest room. Rather than buy furniture, there are companies thatspecialise in furniture hire.