Interior design and decorating is something that anyone can do and that practically everyone has to do if they want to live in something other than a tip like Stigg of the Dump. But while this might be true, it is certainly not something that everyone can do well and we have all seen bedrooms and living rooms that look like a bomb hit them and that could have done with more than a little extra planning and cohesion in their design. And even if the rooms look at least passable, then they won’t always have the same sense of style that some rooms do.

You might note yourself that your rooms don’t look quite as good as show home rooms, or quite up to the standard of some of your more stylish friends, and you may then wish that perhaps you id have more of a knack for interior design. In this scenario you might be tempted to think that the difference is a matter of money – but that isn’t necessarily so and there are plenty of ways to make your rooms look amazing without spending all that much. Take for instance creating a color scheme. This is a technique you can use to make your room look far more well thought out and far more impressive on first impressions and it needn’t cost much at all. Here we will look at how to do it.

Creating Your Color Scheme


The sooner that you can think about your color scheme in your planning the better. Ideally you would tie the majority of things into your color scheme when you first start designing your home and so that would mean you could choose carpets, rugs, wallpaper and curtains to match rather than having to spend a lot of money to replace them all. However if you do already have a lot of your fittings and upholstery in place then it’s still not too late to come up with and implement your color scheme. The trick here is to look around your room for the main colors that crop up most often and you will be likely to find that there are at least a few items that match and have a similar color scheme already. For instance your suit is probably one color, and you probably have one color for your tables and cupboards etc. So using this as a basis choose two colors that you want to pick out particularly and make one your base and one your secondary color. So if you have a lot of beige furniture you might opt to make your base beige and then to add in turquoise as your secondary color. Then you could purchase some turquoise ornaments perhaps, some turquoise cushions, a turquois lampshade and a curtains. This then brings the whole room together and creates the impression that you had an overall vision for it rather than just throwing things together.

Tips and Tricks      

Of course you are going to have some things that don’t match around your room, but the first piece of advice is to make sure you are at least a little bit ruthless. Don’t be afraid to throw things out, and the more unnecessary items and ornaments you can get rid of the bigger the impact your remaining items will have. Note as well that you can always use throws to change the color of things like sofas and even get involved in a little re-upholstery. Finally having just two colors is a little bland anyway, so make note of a few additional colors that will match the look you have – for instance in the color scheme we just described silver, light blue and white would all add nicely into the mix.