It’s probably safe to say that your bedroom is one of the rooms in your home where you spend your most private and intimate moments. It’s where you rest and rejuvenate your body, read and relax, maybe watch tv and listen to music. Most people spend quite a lot of time in their bedroom, and the wall color may take on greater importance than with other rooms in the house.

That being said, it’s awfully easy to choose the wrong paint color for your bedroom, especially if you don’t have any experience in this area. Calling in the opinion of an expert will always give you a head start, but if you want to take on the task yourself, here are some tips that will help you choose:


What Your Bedroom Means Your bedroom is a place for solace, where you can hide from the stresses of everyday life and relax when necessary. You need that space to provide peace and comfort under the most stressful situations, and the color plays a big role in that. Naturally, different people will attach different meaning to their bedroom, and only you know for sure what yours really means and its significance. You can start choosing the color by looking at your furniture.

Start with Furniture

You aren’t likely to completely refurnish your bedroom to accommodate a certain color, so start with the color scheme of the furniture and work your way out from there. Look at dominant pieces such as carpets, chairs and bedspreads and then base your wall colors on them. They don’t have to be exactly the same as the dominant furniture color, but even incorporating the same colors will look good.

Choose a Theme Choosing a theme or overall style for the room is another way to choose a bedroom color that works. The theme may be based on a certain group of colors or on a specific design concept that you love. Either way, choosing the theme or style will more or less make the decision for you and simplify the color process.

Go Bold with Accents

If you’re on the reserved side and aren’t into using too many bold colors, save them for the accents in the room and use neutral colors for the large spaces. That way you can explore your wild side without completely diving in.

Multiple Wall Colors

If you’re having trouble making a decision on wall color, you may consider using multiple paint colors to add some flair. Try going a different color with one or two entire walls, or mixing up the color scheme within the same wall.

Try It Small First

If you’ve been having commitment issues when it comes to your bedroom wall colors, make a point of trying it out on a small area first. Sometimes, a color will dry differently on the wall than in the store, or the light in your room will make it look completely different than you thought.

Trying it out on a small area will save you the headache of having to do the whole thing over if you’ve made the wrong choice. If it turns out to be right, buy all you need and go to town! You may also seek the help of professional painters if needed.

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Gina Brewton has been in the home improvement industry for the past 7 years. She is a mom of 2 kids. She is also a part time interior designer. She has her interests in cooking, photography, craft and painting. Follow her on twitter@ginabrewton.