At the beginning of the year we all to look what we would like to change in our lives, and many of us decide it’s time for a move. We all know that moving house is a stressful and above all expensive experience, which is why it’s one of the most important times to watch those pennies and make them stretch as far as possible. 


 CC image, credit: Mark Moz

Whether you’re moving on your own or with a family, ensure you know how much it’s all going to cost from the start. This can be easily estimated with a moving house calculator that will help you to work out every cost involved from deposit to stamp duty.

Knowing the total amount you need will enable you to budget and make the most of your money, in a time that often feels like you have none. 

Your Current Home

If you’re already in a property think about anything that could potentially add value to it.

Do you have any money to invest in making it a better sell that can put money in your pocket for the new place?

Decide on a budget that you can comfortably spend on doing it up and focus on the areas that are the most important to a buyer, such as the kitchen and bathroom.

However if you really don’t have the money to spend just ensure you’ve taken the time to give it a thorough clean and fix any potential problems. 

Small Profits Matter

Before the big move take time to go around your house to look at all of your furniture and belongings.  Will you be taking it all with you?

Now is the best time to de-clutter and perhaps get a little extra pocket money by selling items you no longer want.

These small profits can all add up and help to pay for other items for the new house, or even help to cover the smaller costs of moving. 

Trade for a Trade

Removal vans can be a costly expense many can do without when moving, as well as cleaners and decorators.

If you’re lucky enough, try to rope in family and friends to help in exchange for dinner, or babysitting services. Anything that would be a helpful gesture to them but won’t hurt the bank balance.

DIY is always at the top of the list, but this can be difficult when you have young children or you’re on your own. 

It’s Time To Ask

No matter the situation you may be in, help is always at hand.

If you’re confused about finances there are lots of resources available to you that can make things a little clearer.

Asking family or friends who have been in a similar situation can make you aware of everything that a move will involve.

As well as numerous articles online such as this one, that can give guidance on preparing your home. Your bank or mortgage adviser should also be seen as a source of help. Knowledge is power as they say, so do your research before deciding on the big move.