When it comes to interior design of the bedroom the challenge is achieving a balance between comfort and style. On the one hand, you want it to look stunning but it must also serve its purpose as a place for relaxation and sleep. Here is some guidance on how to overcome this challenge and end up with a bedroom that ticks all the boxes.  

Meagan Tintari (Flickr.com)

Window coverings  

It’s all about using materials and styles of window coverings to regulate the light in the room. You may be someone who needs it to be plunged into pitch darkness before you can sleep. If so, it’s also important to have the option to let light in when you are not sleeping, otherwise the room will seem dark and depressing. For traditional interiors, thick curtains with luxurious patterns and materials can improve your bedroom. Adding blackout lining to your curtains will allow you to block out the light whenever needed. Consider adding a thinner curtain, made of white cotton or muslin, for example, behind the thicker curtains. This will give you a third option of light; a softer more delicate kind and will give you privacy without the need to close the outer curtains.
For a more modern styled bedroom, blackout blinds would work well to regulate the light from the windows. These come in a variety of materials, patterns and colours so it will not be difficult to find something that suits the interiors of the room. Thick wooden slats are very fashionable and work well in a bedroom where traditional design is combined with modern items. They also are effective in regulating the light in a room as you can adjust the slats easily depending on the time of day.


When it comes to your bed, the most important thing is your comfort. The stylish part comes second. Everyone is different so spend some time finding a bed frame and mattress that suits your wants and needs. There are different mattress types from latex to hybrid foam to memory foam mattresses. So, it’s a good idea to test these all out in the stores to identify which you find the most comfortable. Do the same for the duvet and pillow fillings and bed linen material.
In terms of style, your bed should look clean, warm and inviting. Classic white sheets look elegant in any bedroom. If you wish, you can add a touch of colour with scatter cushions and a throw. Or add some interest by choosing a linen with subtle modern or classic embroidery. Alternatively, you may wish to pick your bedding depending on the season. For the spring and summer, look for light materials in pastel colours that go well with your decor. In winter, opt for richer colours and heavier fabrics.

Interior extras

A few little design items distributed throughout the room can help you achieve style and comfort. Think beautiful paintings of serene landscapes, scented candles and beautiful cushions, throws and rugs. A dimmer light switch and bedside table lighting will also help you to achieve the ambience you desire.