As winter departs and we no longer have to snap the frost off our duvet covers each morning, our time of hibernation from the great outdoors has come to an end. The temperature is getting warmer and the day are growing longer which means Spring is the ideal time to get back to that never-ending list of D.I.Y chores. This blog post offers advice and tips for individual’s planning to get back outside (most likely from the safety of their own bed) but don’t know where to start. Whether you are wondering what to tackle first, which job is easiest or which is most important; this article will help answer your questions. 

Firstly, it’s important to focus on the issues and problems that have arisen due to the past winter months.As you venture back into your garden, its inspection time. We are looking for issues that have occurred because of extreme weather such as strong winds and/ or heavy rain which may have caused damage to your building and created potential problem areas. Damage to your building can have adverse effects on your home’s ability to retain heat and can encourage damp which is worrying. Evaluating the necessity for repairs is crucial within the planning process. One does not want to start a new project, only to find out a more-pressing repairs job will require your time and resources.  During your inspection, two critical areas to check are the plumbing system and gutters. Over the winter your pipes and plumbing could have suffered considerable damage and plumbing problems such as blocked pipes, leaks or dripping taps must be repaired to avoid further damage. The most important lesson is to act immediately when these issues first appear otherwise the damage can grow exponentially. Plumbing is a difficult job and if you find yourself stuck in the land of unknown do not hesitate to seek professional advice from a specialist, its important! Additionally, gutter maintenance is integral to good housekeeping and will ensure the system responsible for diverting water away from your house can work as it effectively as it is designed to do.Gutter maintenance, for some,can be a highly rewarding process, especially for nature lovers. Whilst precariously placed upon the top of a ladder, rigorously cleaning out your gutters you will come to face-to-face with the miniature Eco-System that has adopted your gutter as their home. (As their landlord, you will be responsible for their relocation). After all of last year’s tenants have been turfed out and all repairs have been made we hope to be left with a freshly cleaned, fully-effective waterway. After repairing the hangovers from last year’s winter, it’s time to start prepping for the summer. Preparing for summer means planning projects. Whether this be a new green house, built-in BBQ or conservatory; planning is essential.  The reason that planning is so essential is because many proud homeowners spend a substantial time away from their homes, which means we must effectively use the time we have at home.  One of the more common outdoor chores is maintaining lawns. Lawn maintenance varies greatly as a process depending on the pride of Head Gardener. Whether your process includes sowing, mowing, trimming, weeding, or fertilising a well maintained lawn will dramatically improve the aesthetics of any home.  Once the lawns are seen to it’s time to down the secateurs, grab the overalls and wield our paint brushes! Spring is a great time of year to paint the exterior of our homes as the weather is mild, plants have not yet grown in the way and nor have the summer excuses. A paint job can drastically change a cracked, worn and tired looking house into a fresh,smooth and appealing complexion that all make-up brands would be proud of. Substantial projects such as extensions, conservatories and Jacuzzi installations should take planning priority and be thoroughly thought out. The earlier these projects are prepped and started, the sooner they shall be ready for summer! If you made it this far, congratulations on resisting the temptation to march straight outdoors and crack on! Having said that, I imagine the remaining readers are still shivering under their duvets, wondering whether these proactive dogooders donning wellington boots and trowels actually exist!’ They do, become one today! Bio: Monica is a life-long gardening enthusiast and is currently working with RIW (Remember It’s Waterproofing), a structural waterproofing company which you can find out more about here.