If you’re looking for a way to save money on your energy bills, then window blinds are a great way of making your home more efficient.

Believe it or not, by employing the clever fabric technology of thermal blinds, you can help reduce heat gain in your home by a staggering 78%.

So, to start saving money on your household bills – and to add a beautiful feature to your home – you should turn your attention to your windows.

It’s not just during summer months that you’ll notice the benefit either – being more energy efficient during the winter months can save you around 12% on your heating bill.

Simply by closing your blinds at dusk, you can prevent heat escaping and the technology behind window blinds such as Thomas Sanderson’s Duette EnergySmart range trap air in so you don’t need the heating on as much.

Seeing as the Citizen’s Advice Bureau recently reported that last year the average home wasted around £280, we can all afford to be a bit more careful with our bills.

It’s also more eco-friendly to be mindful of energy efficiency, as the less we’re using electricity and heating, the more we’re reducing our carbon footprint and doing our bit for the environment.

Now you know the facts behind thermal blinds and how they can save on your fuel bills and make you more use less energy, which blinds should you choose for your home?

–          Venetian: Control light, shade and privacy, without compromising on your view. The classic choice favoured by many, they are easy to use with horizontal slats that can be made from various materials, but usually metal or wood. They can be tweaked to let in more or less light, or be lifted all the way up for a better view out of the window.

–          Pleated: Unlike Venetians, these blinds are a continuous piece of fabric in a concertina, so do not let light in through little gaps. However, they can be lifted or created in various styles, such as twin shades or café style to let light in beautifully or gently shade a room so that it’s not flooded with darkness, but is soothing and calm.

–          Roller: Basically, a window blind that consists of a piece of fabric fitted to a roller, these blinds are probably the simplest design. They are efficient and offer the basics, simply rolling down to cover the window and rolling back up when you want to let light into the room.

–          Roman: Made from fabric that draws up in pleats, this elegant style gradually brings up the blind section by section, to allow you to see how well-lit or shaded you prefer your room. It is a very elegant and chic design that uses different fabrics for an individual feel to your home.

–          Window shutters: Like Venetian blinds, windowshutters by Thomas Sanderson comprise of panels that can be adjusted depending on your lighting preference. They are, however, different in that they are solid and fixed – so they carry with them a neat appearance and will last you for years.