If you have had to manage multiple properties in the past or currently are facing the challenge of doing so, then you certainly understand all of the hassles and responsibilities that come with the job. Between managing repairs, keeping track of payments and invoicing, there is a lot that has to be done. People in the past had no other recourse than to manually track all of these items and interact directly with tenants as needed. The world of technology has now made it possible for just about anyone to streamline these processes and run a more efficient property management operation. In the following article, we will outline three of the best property management software tools currently on the market that can help empower property managers and give them more free time to handle other issues.

The best property management systems are those that can be accessed from anywhere. Traditionalists may use paper or, slightly better, have this information in a spreadsheet on their home or office computer. Easy Storage Solutions allows users to access the system from anywhere in the world and engage in dozens of actions. Users of the software will be able to enable online monthly payments for tenants, automatically calculate late fees, manage any collection processes and much more. If you have a room share arrangement with multiple tenants, then Easy Storage can also take this into account. You can request a free trial of this service by going to their website.

A tool that provides a web-based infrastructure for addressing virtually every element of property management, Buildium gives users the flexibility they need and the reliability they crave. From single-tenant facilities to room share arrangements, Buildium allows for ledger accounting, maintenance requests to be filed online, payments via the internet, tenant screening and more. Buildium even integrates with online listing services to allow for quick fillingof vacant units on Gumtree and Craigslist. A fifteen-day free trial is available to everyone – all you have to do is requesta trial through the company’s website.

Last but not least, AppFolio is an excellent, well-rounded solution that gives property managers the ability to keep track of everything from one location. Users of the service will enjoy traditional property management tools such as rent payments through the web, online lease agreements and applicant screening, as well as marketing and business solutions. Users will be able to quickly generate HTML codes for use in listings on sites such as Craigslist, which can then be posted to hundreds of different sites around the web. Whether you have a room share flat available or something more traditional, AppFolio’sfree trial will help you further determine if the software is right for you.

These three property management solution software utilities each have their own strengths and utilities. If you currently are juggling property management through manual paperwork and record-keeping, then you know how difficult it can be. These tools will open up a new world of possibilities for you and allow for more freedom in your day-to-day job.