If there is some electrical work that needs to be done in your home, whether it’s a simple job or something as complex as a new addition, never hesitate to hire an electrician.  You’ll never regret taking the precaution of ensuring the work is done properly right from the get go. The trick is to find a reputable electrician for the job.  There are so many electricians out there, in every city, but not all are created equal.  Anyone can call himself an electrician.  It’s important to ensure you are hiring one who is reputable, licensed, reliable, and affordable. Here are a few tips you can use when hiring an electricianWhittier residents.

Be sure they actually are an electrician

This sounds obvious, but not everyone who performs electrical work is an electrician.  Before you hire anyone, look into the necessary licensing requirements in your area.  You can get that information by calling your local building department.  Armed with that information, you can then verify that any electrician you are considering hiring meets or exceeds those licensing requirements.  Hiring a licensed electrician is absolutely imperative because it is an indication that they have passed a test of their knowledge and understanding of their field, including local building codes.  That knowledge is instrumental in ensuring that you will receive first-rate electrical services each and every time.

Similarly, never hire an electrician who isn’t insured and can provide evidence to prove it.  Ask for paperwork to prove that they have both workers’ compensation coverage and liability insurance.  Why is this important?  Remember that these workers will be entering your home.  If they do not have the proper insurance and they are injured on your property and/or cause damage to your home, you could be liable for covering the costs associated with those incidents. 

If your electrician won’t provide a guaranteed estimate in writing, one that outlines everything that the estimate will cover, don’t hire them.  A reputable electrician will be more than willing to do this, and to walk you through the estimate ensuring you understand each and every aspect of it.  Another note about the estimate:  Always ask whether it includes the cost of pulling permits.  Some electricians will do this themselves and charge you for it later, some will include the cost of the permits in the estimate, and some will expect you to procure the permits yourself.  Be sure you know exactly how your electrician works in this regard so you won’t be in for a surprise later.

You know the expression “You get what you pay for”?  That adage rings true when it comes to contractors such as electricians.  Although a higher price is not necessarily an indication that you will get betterservice (nor is the inverse true) if one of the companies from whom you get an estimate comes in dramatically lower than the others, it could be a red flag.  Why are they so much cheaper?  Find out why before you agree to go with the lowest bidder.  A better strategy is to go with the company whose bid is affordable and whose expertise meet your needs.