You will have probably invested a great deal of money in your hardwood floor, and it’s understandable, given the myriad of benefits that it can offer.

Classy, sophisticated and value-adding, a hardwood floor is the ideal choice for any room in your home, but you need to work hard to ensure it maintains that style. Read on as the hardwood flooring experts at Posh Flooring reveal their top tips for keeping it looking at its best.

Door Mats are a Must

It sounds obvious, but it is surprising just how many people neglect to place mats on the outside and inside of exterior doors. You will cut down cleaning time significantly if you do so, reducing the amount of dirt that is brought in from outside, a particular problem in snowy and wet weather.

Avoid Scratches Where Possible

As a natural material, hardwood is liable to be scratched over time. However you can help to prevent marks caused by furniture by placing floor protectors underneath it, while you should look to use rugs in areas where children play to avoid scuff marks caused by toys.

If your furniture doesn’t have wheels, NEVER pull it across a hardwood floor if you need to move it as it will ruin that smooth finish. Instead, get help lifting it to where you want to move it.

Remove Dirt and Debris from the Floor Regularly

Before wet mopping it is important that you first clean the hardwood floor of any dust and debris that may have accumulated over time. Posh Flooring recommends sweeping with a soft-bristled brush or vacuuming with the floor-brush attachment to ensure that you don’t scratch the surface in the process.

Avoid Deep Cleaning with too much Water

Occasionally it will be necessary to carry out deeper cleaning when dusting and sweeping aren’t enough. However you need to be careful what you use and how you use it to avoid doing more harm than good.

There are many wood-specific cleaning products available, and it is essential that you adhere strictly to the guidance offered by the product manufacturer.

As too much moisture can damage a hardwood floor it is important that you wring out the sponge or mop thoroughly so that it is only slightly damp before cleaning. If the cleaning product requires it, follow this up by rinsing with a clean mop dipped in clear water, ensuring you avoid leaving standing water.

Removing Marks

When it comes to removing more stubborn stains what you do depends on the sort of finish your flooring has. The way to identify which you have is by looking at how far the stain has penetrated.

If it is just on the surface then you probably have a hard finish, for example urethane, and in this case you should wipe it clean with a soft, clean cloth to avoid damaging the surface.

In the event that the stain has penetrated through to the wood it is likely that your floor has a soft oiled finish and this requires a more complex remedy depending on the nature of the stain. In each case however, you should re-stain, wax and then buff the spot to ensure it matches with the rest of the floor.

A genuine hardwood floor is something to be proud of, however by not doing the basics in terms of maintenance you could soon find yourself with a floor that you’d sooner cover up with rugs and furniture than show off to friends and family.