January 24, 2019

In every household, the bathroom usually takes the smallest space. Nonetheless, completely renovating the bathroom is just as costly as the other parts of the house. The pieces found in the bathroom, such as the toilet, showers and baths are some of the most expensive fixtures in the market.

Estimates show that renovating bathrooms can cost an average of €3000 and can be much more expensive depending on the design. However, there are still other solutions on how to remodel your bathroom even on a tight budget.  

The following are tips from bathroom renovation experts on budget bathrooms. One of the important factors in bathroom remodeling is to buy important fixtures first and avoid unnecessary designs such as wall-to-ceiling tiles.   


Taps are one of the most significant pieces in a bathroom. Investing in new taps gives a sophisticated feel like that of a five-star hotel. Taps come in a wide range of colors and styles that will fit the ideal bathroom of the owner. It is recommended to have a mixer tap for the bath and two separate taps for the sink. Silver coloured taps with a touch of gold, though minimalistic, also gives the bathroom a modern feel.

Shower Heads             

Another important piece to upgrade in the bathroom is the shower head. One type of shower head that is very energizing and at the same time very satisfying to audiences is the rainfall shower head. Placing two shower heads also maximizes the shower coverage and adds value to the overall bathroom design. 

Novelty Shower Curtains 

Glass shower cubicles have simple looks yet shed a luxurious aura on the bathroom than the conventional nylon shower curtains.   

Bath Screens               

Bath screens help reduce the inexpensive vibe of the bathroom and increases the modern vibe of the area. Additionally, it is easy to clean, install and match with other fixtures and objects in the bathroom.   

Heated Towel Rails  

Heated Towel Rails are great investments even when the owner has a tight budget. Aside from being useful as replacements for radiators, it can also add style to the bathroom. Owners can maximize the bathroom space by installing multiple towel rails and by utilizing the upper part of walls which is often neglected. 


A good light source is vital to the overall design output of the renovated bathroom. Light is an important object in the bathroom. There are many types of lights which can help improve the style of the bathroom. It is essential to note that bathrooms, typically, have very small windows or sometimes, no windows at all. In order to brighten up the whole bathroom space, put up some spotlights and down lights in key locations.

Owners can also add chandeliers or sophisticated-looking lights to add to the luxurious ambiance of the bathroom. Lastly, dimmer switches are also great ideas if you are looking to achieve the opposite. Lessening the light in the bathroom should also be an option. Dim lights are great when you want to enjoy a bubble bath and just rest for some time in the bathroom.