Owning your own home is a huge responsibility. It needs regular maintenance and attention to detail if the property is going to retain its value. Looks really are everything when it comes to selling your home. You want your property to look attractive in the marketing photos to attract visitors and a sale. Many people take a look at your house from the outside before committing to a visit with the realtor or estate agent. To entice them to look inside, your property needs kerb appeal.

Starting from the top down, take a look at your roof. If you can clearly see damage or wear to the tiles or chimney, then you need to take immediate action. ELC Roofing suggests checking your roof twice a year to ensure the weather hasn’t caused any damage. If something needs doing get a roofing specialist out to take a look. You may be able to tackle the gutters and fascias yourself. These will need cleaning and clearing out too.

If you don’t have a regular window cleaner, now could be the time to consider finding one. A good window cleaner will clean the glass and frames. Your porch area should be cleaned out to be free of dirt and cobwebs too. The window sills will give you away if you don’t regularly look after the exterior of your property. If they are PVC, then give them a good clean. If they are wooden, you may need to strip them back and repaint.

Checking your brickwork or cladding is also important. The eye will be drawn to areas of pointing that are weak or messy. If you can’t tackle this yourself, then ask a ‘bricky’ to help. Once the exterior of the building is in good shape, you can take a look at the plot it sits in.

Starting with the front, make sure your grass or lawn is mowed short. Use an edging tool to tidy up the edges. Sweep the path to your home. You might also choose to sweep the public path in front of your property. If you have Victorian or Edwardian style steps give them a scrub. If the paintwork or tiling looks shabby, it’s worth tidying them and repairing them. They are currently popular features.

If you have a driveway, you might prefer to keep the car off it while you are selling your property. It helps to give the illusion of more space and less clutter. If the drive is in a poor state of repair, you may want to have it redone. Shared drives are trickier to manage, so speak to the neighbour about keeping it tidy.

A couple of pots or hanging baskets with colourful pansies may be enough to add colour and decoration to the frontage of your home. Finally, you can take a long look at the front door. Check the knocker and doorbell are clean and attractive. Give the door a good clean or a new coat of paint if it needs it. Add a fresh, new, welcoming doormat and your home is ready to be seen.