Another Go Green Deal advice:

If you’re looking for a construction mat that combines the rugged design and functionality of a traditional mat with cutting-edge advances in safety, the ECOMat is for you. All construction mats provide stability, increase foot traction and reduce open spots on job sites, but Quality Mat takes these benefits a step further with the ECOMat’s coreless design.

Minimize Contamination

These eco-friendly ground protection mats are designed for multiple applications, are fully synthetic and don’t have the hollow cores found in most composite mats. This design makes the ECOMat safer; once breached, hollow cores easily transport any chemicals a mat comes in contact with. Chemical transport can lead to unsafe working conditions and environmental contamination, and the ECOMat minimizes this problem.

Invest in Eco-Friendly, Custom-Sized Mats

Besides their safety advantages, ECOMats are segmented and can be constructed from an assortment of materials to fit nearly any size and thickness you need. The mat’s closed-gap design reduces cleaning, and it’s constructed to be recycled at the end of use—eliminating landfill contamination. Each ECOMat also contains approximately 50% recycled matter, which translates to around 1,200 pounds of useable material kept out of landfills. Ideal for any job where contamination and environmental impact are an issue, the ECOmat’s innovative design will help keep your site contamination free and your workers safe.