Having a garage sale is a great way to clear the house of unnecessary clutter while also making some quick money. While a garage sale can be fun way to earn some cash, it can also be hard work. Therefore, the following guidelines will help to make sure that the garage sale will be organized and effective for attracting customers and making sales. 


Advertise:In order to have a successful garage sale people have to know that it is taking place. Placing signs at nearby intersections can be helpful. However, online classified advertisements can help to reach a wider selection of potential customers.

Host a multi-family sale:The size of a garage sale can influence whether or not people stop to peruse the merchandise. When several families host a garage sale together, then there will be a larger assortment of items for customers to choose from when shopping.

Price items clearly:While some garage sale customers will like to bargain, others may be shy about asking the price. Carefully label items with their prices so that they will be easily noticed. If hosting a multi-family sale, use different colored labels in order to clearly make each person’s belongings.

Be prepared to bargain:Many people wait until the end of a garage sale to try to get the best deals. Before beginning price negotiations, it is important to already know at how low of a price a person is willing to sale an item. Then, set the price above that level with enough room to bargain in between.

Have an extension cord:These days, many garage sales have electronic devices available for sale. However, most people are hesitant to buy electronics without being able to test them first. For this reason, having an available power source can help a person to sell televisions, stereo systems and other electronic devices.

Display big-ticket items:When selling large items such as chairs, desks and baby cribs, take the extra time to set them up so that potential customers can envision what they are buying. This will allow them to be able to check these items over for any flaws before finalizing their purchase.

Running a successful garage sale takes planning and time to achieve. However, by following these simple tips, a person can be sure to enjoy seeing others find a purpose for their old items while making a nice profit.