Short description: Making your home a stunner on the outside need not be expensive. Below are some frugal fix-ups to improve your home’s curb appeal. curb-5901224

If you frequently entertain guests at home or maybe your property is up on the market, it is important that it looks good not only on the inside but outside as well. A good curb appeal will ensure that you are giving a first good impression to your guests as well as to those potential home buyers doing their initial drive-bys. But, what if you do not have a lot of cash to burn? Is there a way to make your home a stunner on the street? The answer is a resounding, Yes! Boosting the curb appeal of your property does not have to lay waste in your wallet. Check out some of the low-cost fix-ups below that you can do in a day or in several weeks.

Clear up the clutter

A dirty lawn is an eyesore. So if you are lamenting over the appearance of the small patch of land in front of your house, clear off the clutter that is starting to take over, including those toys, mismatched ornaments and gardening tools. To keep the space clutter-free, refrain from using it as a catchall for your stuff and move all the items in your shed or garage when not in use.

It would also pay off if you give the exterior of your home a good washing. Rent or borrow  a power washer and go over your porch, front door, windows and siding to remove the layer of dirt that have accumulated on the said surfaces. You should also drag out your ladder and clean out the leaves and sticks hanging on your gutters.

Update your front door

As the focal point of your home’s exterior, your front door is a perfect place to add a blast of bold color. So get a paint brush and start repainting. Clean off any dirty spots on and around the door and polish off its hardware with a metal polish. If the fixtures are already showing signs of aging, better replace them with new ones to match the updated color of your front entry.

Swap old light fixtures

If you are currently using barely there lights fixtures on your front door, it is about time that you replace them. Bigger wall sconces will help make your house look more welcoming at night and could also help add a hint of charm to your home by the day. Even if your front entry is enclosed, the addition of mid-size pair of lanterns can go a long way toward giving prominence to the beautiful features of your house and can also do a good job in deterring intruders.

Create an instant lush garden

If it is still too cold in your area to start putting annuals in the bed, one of the best ways to add natural color to your home’s exterior is through container gardening. Purchase some colorful pots from your local garden center and fill them up with your favorite greens and blooms. You may opt to arrange the pots in a symmetrical manner for a touch of formality to the space, but if you want to make your landscape look more dynamic, consider arranging your container garden asymmetrically and in multiple levels.

Give your mailbox a makeover

Your mailbox should complement the look of your home and your personality as a homeowner. So if yours is starting to show signs of wear and tear, give it its much needed makeover. Consider repainting the mailbox in a tone that mirrors your home’s trimmings. You may also give it a stenciled message like “hello” or “welcome” to make it all the more interesting.