No garden is complete without a nice-sized area of decking. Decking is brilliant as a flat surface for all sorts of uses, and it saves you a whole load of lawn mowing too! Looking after decking is really easy – just wash it down a couple of times a week with a hosepipe to keep it at its best. Many people are choosing decking because it is so versatile and suits so many uses. We’ll take a look at five of the ways you can use your decking to its full potential:


Decking provides a perfect flat base on which to put a barbecue. You can also lay out tables and chairs without worrying about anything toppling over. Some people even opt for a cover to be installed over the decking to ensure that, come rain or shine, the party can go ahead! Decking that is close to a kitchen is particularly useful so you are close to everything that you need – you could even use the kitchen window as a serving hatch!

3321855213_7a2e4a3ca5-6419054 Many people are discovering that decking provides not only an extra garden resource, but also some much-needed garden storage. The area under decking is the perfect place to keep sun-loungers, garden chairs, surfboards, water skis and all sorts of other outdoor equipment. When you have your decking installed make sure there is sufficient clearance for everything that you want to store underneath. –> 8191333046_177e0b6c18-3067628 Decking is the perfect place to sunbathe. Set out a couple of sun-loungers, some towels and pillows and get comfortable! You can set up a little table next to you as a place to keep your suntan lotion, books and of course the obligatory cocktail, without fear that it might topple over. When the sun gets too much, just pop up a parasol for a little shade. Some people set up a paddling pool to dip their feet into (and if you really want to blow the budget, install a hot tub!). 6062946093_b25fa94aca-9369440

Pot plans thrive on decking and because it is generally close to the house it is easy enough to step out of the kitchen and water them even in bad weather. You can grow lots of different types of flowers and shrubs – they will all be quite happy in pots on your decking. You could also grow herbs such as basil, coriander, thyme and rosemary, and don’t forget a couple of chilli plants too! Stepping out of your kitchen and onto your decking to pick your herbs for dinner is a wonderful experience.

There are many more uses for decking – these are just some of them. Most garden owners are choosing to install decking in at least part of their garden so that they always have a piece of hard-standing that they can use if the lawn is too wet. If you have decking installed make sure you make the most of it by investing in some exquisite garden furniture – cast iron looks lovely if you have the budget for it.