Your dining table could reveal a lot about your personality. Next to the living room, the dining room is a space in your house which is designed for entertaining. Because your ability to entertain and host a party is hinged on your own personality, it’s important that you also pick out a table which mirrors the personality that you exude. So ask yourself exactly what kind of person and host you are, and find out what kind of dining table you should have in your home.

You are straightforward and are a minimalist.


Then you ought to have a dining table which does not have intricate designs and frills. A table with sleek and straight lines is exactly the kind of dining table which you need to have. Not only will this minimalist table blend well with your idea of aesthetics and your overall personality but it would also most likely fit with the rest of the furnishings you have existing in your home. If you want to have a more industrial look, then pick out a rectangular dining table made of metal, and then complete the look with benches instead of dining chairs.

You believe that more really is merrier.

Coaster 5pc Dining Table, Chairs & Bench Set Cappuccino Finish

If you are the type to entertain, then you may want to go for a dining table which expands instead. These tables are those that have flaps which you can spread out in order to accommodate more guests. While the drop-leaf type is the more popular kind of expanding table, there are also those with fancy panels that can really hide the fact that the table can expand at the sides. Of course, if you have an expanding table, then you also need to pick out extra chairs as well.

You love the rustic charm.

Coaster 100621 Mission Style Dining Table, Burnished Oak Solid Hardwood

If you are a farm girl by heart, then you also need a farm-style table. There are a couple of advantages to going with a farm-style table which is part of the reason for why farm tables have become quite popular in the past few years. First of, farm style tables are very spacious and they are great for homes with huge families since these farm tables can seat everyone and accommodate more. At the same time, they have a weathered, sound and unpretentious look that make them perfect for daily use. However, be wary with these farm dining tables. Because of the huge demand in these tables, you may actually encounter reproductions and not the original antiques.

You are modern and like clean lines.


If you are obsessed with sleek, clean lines, then glass tables are for you. What makes glass the perfect material to work with is the fact that it provides a very airy feel because of their transparency. Best of all, stains and greasy smudges can easily be wiped off. Clean up is even faster if you have frosted glass tables. To complete the entire look, you can also pick out chairs which are made with glass in order to consolidate everything.