When it comes to renovating the home, many people leave the bathroom until last. However, because it is usually one of the smallest rooms in the house, it’s actually one of the easiest to renovate. Most importantly, you can add value to your bathroom – and therefore to your property as a whole – without spending a small fortune.

Perhaps the simplest way to make your bathroom more valuable is to get the colour scheme right. A mismatched bathroom with no discernible colour palette will look unattractive, regardless of how expensive the bathroom suite actually is. On top of this, introducing an aesthetically pleasing colour scheme is a very affordable way in which to improve the appearance of your bathroom.

If you’re not sure what colours you should go for, start with some online research – there are thousands of images of beautiful bathrooms on the net and you can use these for inspiration when decorating your own. Then, purchase a pot or two of paint and a few brushes – changing the colour of the walls will transform the look of the bathroom.


In addition to changing the primary colour scheme, you may want to invest in some matching curtains, towels and a rug for the floor, as well as a soap dish and toothbrush holder in colours which complement your chosen colour scheme.


Adding a pot plant will also introduce a splash of freshness and greenery to the bathroom. For the basin area, go for a small to medium size plant or flower and for a really exotic touch, why not a larger, potted fern of up to a metre for the floor? A beautiful porcelain pot in your chosen colour scheme will be a lovely complementary feature too.


Taking out that old, well-worn carpet and installing some beautiful tiles is a fantastic way to add value to the space. Tiles are far more aesthetically pleasing than carpeting or wooden floors and more importantly, they are durable, meaning that they won’t need to be replaced after just a year or two. There are hundreds of different tiles to choose from– if you want to create a truly luxurious look, you can opt for marble or granite, or if your budget doesn’t allow for this, you can instead choose slate or sandstone.


If budget allows, consider upgrading the type and style of suite. Adding a beautiful free standing bath or a large, elegant pedestal sink will instantly create a luxurious feel in the bathroom. If you have yet to decide on a colour scheme for the whole bathroom, you might be better off choosing a white or cream suite, as this will go with any type of colour palette.

Claire Davies writes regularly for a number of well-known decor and design blogs, magazines and websites. She frequently visits sites such as Geostone when searching for some inspiration for her next interior design piece.