You might not be worried about your neighbors, but keeping your garage door open is like advertising your property to roving criminals. Many thefts are impulsive actions, and an open garage may prove irresistible to unscrupulous individuals passing by on foot or in a vehicle. Some burglars prefer stealing from open garages and go looking for them. Even if you think your garage lacks items that would interest burglars, keep the door closed to avoid unwanted attention.

Hedges, trees and other large landscape features can make your home attractive to burglars. If your property has several hiding places for burglars, they will be more likely to target your home with less fear of being caught. Keeping your landscape open can make burglars nervous because they will worry about being seen on their way in or out.

According to a Lancaster home security system expert, “neighbors can be a major asset to each other in case burglars target the area. This is true for a number of reasons. When neighbors are on friendly terms, they are less likely to steal from each other. In addition, friends are likely to look out for each other when one is not at home, calling the police on burglars if they are spotted.”

Burglars often target empty homes, so it pays to make them think that someone is home by keeping the television or radio on. When thieves hear dialogue or music inside the home, they will know that someone might be home. They are likely to move on to the next target after deciding that the risk is too high to bother. With  a system like Vivint in Sacramento, CA you can pick an automation system that you can time to turn certain appliances on and off to make it appear someone is home.

After taking the precautions above, homeowners may want to consult local police to make sure that all bases are covered. Many police departments are happy to send an officer to local homes to determine their level of protection against burglars. While you might think that your home is burglar-proof, an experienced law enforcement officer is likely to have insider tips on how you can protect your home further.