Buying a new home can be so exciting. A new build is like a blank canvas. Waiting for you to put your personality all over it. I love new builds because they provide plastered walls and everything is new. It’s just waiting for you to let yourself go on it and turn the house into a home. Styling your home can be a real exciting time. However picking the right style you can prove to be a tricky decision.

There are a few different ways that you can style New Homes. As you don’t need to do much preparation to the walls. Or spend time stripping wallpaper or repairing cracks. It means you can get on with it the moment you move in if you wish. Here are a few ideas to get you started and hopefully inspire you.


Monochrome has become a recent trend that many are embracing. The definition of monochrome is to use hues of a colour. An easy choice to make when going with this style is black and white. Partly because the walls in a new build home lend itself to this style well. However, you could use monochromes of red or other colours like green if you are a little more daring. It’s a lot easier to style this look than you would think. Some companies even specialise in selling furnishings and products that match this decor style.


Again and easy style to achieve with minimum effort would be to stick with a neutral decor and style. This could mean using browns, beige and cream colours in the soft furnishings and wall decoration. Again a new build already lends itself well to this style of home decoration. This is also a good choice if you plan to resell the home fairly soon. It’s a decor style that would suit most prospective buyers.

Bright and colourful

You could inject your personality into the home by decorating the walls and rooms with bright colours. You may love the colour yellow or green. Whatever you choose the house will become a home and a reflection of you and your family. Considering the choice of colours would be important as with this decor style you still want the rooms to flow well. Researching specific colour palettes would be advisable.

Old and New

As you are in your new build, a unique style idea would be to furnish it with older decor. Antiques teamed with a freshly painted wall and modern features of a new build can be a wonderful style to embrace. You can make the house your home by adding all your favourite pieces of furniture and furnishings to your home.


Finally, you could stick with a modern decor style to match your new build. You could fill your home with some wonderfully bright and modern wallpapers. Team the walls with modern chrome or metal furniture to create a modern look worth of any new home.

I hope these style ideas inspire you when it comes to decorating your new home. Enjoy the process.