If you have a young family, you may be wondering how you can transform your garden into a more family friendly space. Ideally, you want to create an outdoor area that is suitable for family members of all ages and is fun and exciting to spend time in.

What do your children want from an outdoor space? Children tend to enjoy natural outdoor play areas with lots of opportunities to learn, play and explore. They enjoy having the freedom to roam about and play freely.

Whether your garden is big or small, there are many ways you can make it more family friendly. To help you create a child-friendly garden space, we have created a list of ideas below:

Add water

Children love playing with water, so adding a water feature to your garden is an excellent idea. However, don’t be tempted to add a pond, as children can easily fall in and get hurt. Instead, opt for a fountain or small water feature – for safety, avoid anything with standing water.

There are many ways you can bring water into your garden, including with a small water bowl, a shallow stream and mini waterfalls or a ready made water feature. What you choose is up to you, just be wary of water features with deep water.

Attract wildlife

Children love to interact with and observe wildlife, whether that bugs and insects or birds and bees, kids love nature.

To help bring more wildlife to your garden, plant trees and shrubs that attract bees, insects and butterflies. To attract birds, and other animals to you garden, invest in a bird bath, bird house, insect house, and make a hedgehog hotel.

Create fun retreats

Kids love having their own private cubby holes and places to hide, so why not make them their own garden hideouts to play in? Creating a garden retreat for your child is much easier than you might think.

To create the perfect hideout for your child, you could build a small cubby house, a playhouse or a tree house for them. Or, you could create a secret garden path or set up a tent or teepee just for them. The more fun and unique you make it, the more your children will love their garden hideaway.

Create areas for play

Create areas in your garden that allow your children to play and try out different things, such as areas to run, jump, play with a ball, or climb. For example, you could plant trees for climbing on, create areas for running and playing ball games and decking areas for placing sandpits.

For a child-friendly garden space, building a decking area is an excellent idea. Not only can sandpits and other activities be placed on there for kids, decking can also be used to create a relaxing retreat for parents and other family members to enjoy. To get some ideas and more information on decking and other garden surfaces, visit the exploded home website.
Make your garden educational

Children learn through play, so planning a few areas of your garden to have educational aspects is a good idea.

Making your garden educational is easier than you might think. For example, by simply adding a vegetable patch and sundial to your garden, you are already encouraging outdoor learning for your child.