Too many garages become a place where you put everything you don’t have space for in the house. The general rule is that if it’s too heavy to put in the loft it can sit in the garage – and inevitably that is where it will stay until the end of time. But this is a misuse of what can be a fantastic area for you and your family. Here are eight ways you could be using your garage differently. 

Store your car

It might seems crazy but believe it or not, the majority of garages in the UK are not used to store cars. However, with increasing competition for parking spaces on the road now could be the time to convert your garage back into its original use. One of the reasons people don’t utilise their garage properly is due to convenience. If this is the case for you it could be worth installing automatic doors to make it easier to drive straight in and out. 


Want to keep fit but don’t have to time to get out to the gym? The solution is simple: create a home gym in your garage. You’ll easily have space to fit in all the equipment you need and it’s nice to have a separate room to workout in rather than just throwing an exercise bike into the bedroom. You’ll save money on a gym membership and have all the workout space you need in your own home. 

Games room

An unused garage is a perfect space to turn into a ‘man cave’ or ‘woman cave’. Having your own games room can really improve your quality of life as you’ll have a great area to entertain friends and family as well as a nice place to chill out when you need a little down time. Add a pool table, a gaming computer or console, a comfy sofa or whatever you need to relax, and you’ll be set with a great space to spend time in.

Mini cinema

A mini cinema is a great feature piece for any home. You can either go with a large flat screen TV mounted on the wall or opt for a projector for something closer to a real cinema experience. Hook them up to a DVD or Blu-Ray player and install surround sound and you’ll have the perfect home cinema. Now you’ll have a great space to binge watch TV shows or check out the latest films. Grab some popcorn and enjoy an evening with your friends and family. 

Garage conversion

If you’re looking for something practical, why not repurpose the garage into a living space? If it is large enough, your garage can function well as an additional bedroom or a second lounge. You’ll obviously need to redecorate entirely and you need to add in additional lights, windows, ventilation and insulation to ensure it’s a comfortable environment to live in. It’s also true that converting your garage into an additional bedroom will add value to your property. 

Home office

Whether you are self-employed, work regularly from home or are thinking of setting up your own business, having a home office can be very useful. You might need to install a few power points and make sure your home Wi-Fi stretches to the garage, but on the whole this can be a very easy conversion to make. 


Another great use for your garage could be as a playroom for the kids. Garages can make an ideal conversion to a playroom because you can kit them out so they are completely safe to play in. Fill it up with toys, games and a few bean bags and your kids will have hours of fun in here. 

Music room

You can easily convert this space into a music room. Whether you want to practise with your band or learn an instrument it can be very useful to have a ready-made room for it. Soundproof it to stay on good terms with your neighbours and you’ll be ready to go. 

Article provided by Mike James, an independent content writer working together with leading garage door supplier Wessex Garage Doors, who were consulted over the information in this post.