With summer having arrived – enjoy it while you can! – a lot of us will be spending time in the garden.

It might mean watching the kids play, or doing essential summer gardening jobs, welcoming the grand children with a paddling pool and other fun activities.

And by your side will be your faithful friend or friends – dogs love the garden too but it can present many dangers to them.

There are many dangers in the garden that could cause injury to Fido;

  • Weed killers, slug pellets and fertilisers are all substances commonly used in the garden and although you may store them away, are they out of the reach of inquisitive canine noses? Small doses of these substances can be poisonous!

  • Plants, some bulbs and seeds, can also present issues for dogs. Not all plants are pet-friendly, with some parts of the plant being poisonous.

  • There are also some plants that can be irritating to dogs, just like they can be for us. A runny nose, irritated skin and gooey eyes are common in dogs when they come into contact with some plants.

You want your garden to be a peaceful haven of tranquillity, full of colourful blooms and sunshine. And you want this for ALL the family, including your faithful canine companion.

To be safe, it means storing substances away from dogs or where they could access them. It also means knowing which plants cause your dog a problem, information available in this handy infographic guide. Take a look! This awesome infographic is from https://www.rattandirect.co.uk/.