Way back in the mists of time, prehistoric man created cave paintings using naturally sourced materials, presumably to add a bit of ambiance to his home. As the centuries rolled on, man invested in paintings and sculptures to decorate his home. He sought out talented individuals and commissioned works of art. By the time the 20th century came, the development of mass-market printing techniques enabled artwork to be distributed to the masses. Mrs. Jones at 49 Acacia Avenue couldn’t afford to buy a Van Gogh painting of sunflowers, but she could afford a nice fine art reproduction print in a pretty frame. 


Of course, not everyone appreciates artwork. Some people have no interest in hanging paintings or prints on their wall. For them, the idea of browsing art galleries and buying a painting doesn’t appeal. They would rather hang a 4K HDR top-of-the-range television on their wall and stare at that all night. Well, each to their own, but in case you are ruminating on the question of whether artwork enhances a home, let’s discuss.

You don’t need to be an expert to appreciate fine art. We all have our own personal taste in art. Some people love realistic landscapes whereas others prefer modernist abstract paintings. Try to imagine how the world would look with no pictures, no advertising in magazines or on the screen. The world would be a very different place. 

Art is known to relieve stress, which is why it is common to see artwork in hospitals and medical centers. Sure, staring at a painting of a cute puppy is probably not going to make your toothache go away, but it might distract you for a few blissful moments. 


The fact is, people instinctively feel better when they can look at artwork. It helps us to relax, soothes a fractious mood, and creates a sense of harmony, in much the same way that listening to music does. Researchers have also found that artwork in offices enhances productivity, which is why many businesses pay a lot of money for fine art paintings on top sites like fineartamerica.com to hang on their walls! 

Hanging art on your wall is a form of self-expression. We are drawn to artwork that “speaks” to us on a subliminal level. You might not understand it, but it doesn’t mean you can’t appreciate it. Art often provokes strong emotions, some positive and some negative. Choosing artwork for your walls gives people an insight into your personality. If they don’t know you that well, they can glean things about you from the type of artwork you like. 

Artwork adds a finishing touch to a room’s décor. Think of a print or painting as the icing on the cake. Bare, naked walls are plain and uninspiring, but a colorful painting hung in a prominent spot invites conversation and enhances the room immeasurably. 

You don’t need to be an expert to buy art. You also don’t need to be wealthy. Look for fine art prints or work created by local artists and select the pieces that you love the most.