Nobody likes to do odd jobs around the home, but the fact is that DIY jobs are important. They are almost unavoidable these days. So it’s important to get some done as soon as you possibly can. DIY can be therapeutic, and you can develop new skill sets as a result of the work you do.

There is always DIY work to be done, and sometimes it can be demoralising. A day off is never a day off because you’re spending it doing bits around the house. Well, the best way to avoid this is to cut down on the big projects. Or at least postpone them. For now you should focus on getting the smaller jobs out of the way. This will allow you to complete bits and will help you build up to the larger jobs.

Here are a few ideas of essential DIY bits and bobs that you could do with ease this year.


Painting is perhaps the easiest DIY job available to you, so it’s as good a place to start as any. Repainting the house inside and out can transform the look and feel of your home. You can wave goodbye to dreary, dull looking rooms and say hello to bright, vibrant rooms full of character.

Painting is inexpensive as well compared with most DIY tasks. You and the family can make a day of it. Clear out rooms, put down a sheet and go nuts. Test out colours beforehand to decide which would best suit each room. You should favour colourful, bright choices over dark and dull ones. They will make the room seem larger and more inviting.

Jazz up Kitchen

There’s a lot of bits and pieces you can do yourself in the kitchen. It’s important to remember that the kitchen is the most important room in the house and often the major selling point. Even if you don’t want to sell you will want to have the most efficient kitchen possible.

For this reason, there are several small touches you can use to jazz up your kitchen. Larger jobs will need planning and the use of building supplies, but the smaller jobs can be done at any time. You might think about hanging hooks up above the cooker or on the wall so you can hang pots and pans. This will free up cupboard space and give your kitchen that Jamie Oliver-style rustic look.

You may even want to fiddle around with the cupboards. If you add trays or boxes into the cupboards then you can pack everything in there neat and tidy. You won’t have to spend ages rooting around in the back of the cupboard looking for saucepan lids.

Fix Odds and Ends

There’s no doubt that there will be odds and ends in your house that will need fixing. It’s unavoidable and happens to everyone. One of the door handles may be a bit loose. Perhaps a cupboard door keeps creaking. Maybe one of the windows needs some more filler added.

There is bound to be something. Getting these jobs done around the place can help you keep on top of DIY stuff. It also gives you a sense of accomplishment at being able to tick things off your list.