A large bed bug infestation really is a problem. Bed bugs bite, and can really affect your quality of life. The great thing is, Empire Pest Control have given us this infographic on bed bugs, and disposing of an infested mattress the right way.

Bed bugs are a pest that need to be addressed immediately. Getting rid of them takes a lot of hard work and elbow grease, so it’s probably better to call in the professionals if you have an infestation. Leaving a bed bug infestation and not treating it will seriously impact on yours and your family’s health in a bad way.

Having a bad infestation of bed bugs living in your mattress or home will change the way you enjoy your down time and sleep. An infested mattress will not be pleasant to sleep on at all. Disposing of the mattress or having it treated for bed bugs will definitely improve your quality of life, and make your home and bedroom an enjoyable place to be again.

Some people don’t realise, but bed bugs may be carrying serious diseases, which can be fatal. Improper removal of the mattress or infested furniture will put you, your family and even your neighbours at risk.

There’s some strategies Empire Pest Control have shown you here, to get rid of a mattress infested with pests properly. Not only will you benefit from getting rid of the bed bugs, the rest of your family will too.

If your bedroom is very cluttered, it’s best to clean up that clutter and get more organised. Bed bugs love to infest dark areas where they feel they are hidden. Having a good clean out will free up space in your home that can then be used in a different way moving forward.

Bed bug eradication is a huge challenge. Calling in the right professionals, like Empire Pest Control, will help you overcome the problem. Once the issue is resolved, you will feel so much better for it! 

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