We have only just finished with Christmas, and now another major holiday is on the horizon – Valentines Day. Last year did you just do the bare minimum and buy your significant other a card and a rose? This year start early, plan and reap the rewards in your relationship.

Colours make all the difference. Red is after all the colour that we all associate with Valentines day, it a passionate colour and apparently stimulates our heart rate and breathing. Pink is more tranquil and romantic. Purple is a feminine color which brings out your lover’s romantic tendencies. Try and utilise all three colours or just a single one depending on your partner’s mood. Simple items like throws, cushions, bedspreads and curtains can all be purchased with this color scheme in mind.
If you really want to splash out why not pick up new single, double or king size mattresses. Nothing says that you care more than getting rid of that old lumpy mattress where the spring was digging in your partners back and replacing it with a luxury new one.
Set the mood in the bedroom by setting the lighting just right. If you are feeling brave and have a background in home electricals why not fit a dimmer switch so you can control the level of lighting in your bedroom. Always ensure that the work is carried out by a trained professional so as not to injure yourself or others.

Candles are one of the most romantic things; they look prettier than artificial light and are relatively cheap and easy to set up. If you know what fragrances your partner likes, purchase those. If you’re not sure, opt for something like vanilla or maybe cinnamon as both are lovely sensual smells.

If your house is already filled with candles and tealights why not pick up an incense or oil burner. That way you can bring a fragrance into the bedroom that you love. Simple string lights can add a nice finishing touch to a headboard or mirror. The lights are relatively low voltage, require the minimum of fuss to assemble and usually just plug into an outlet or require a battery. Rope lights come in many varieties from simple hearts to fairies and various other romantic designs, check out the range at your local DIY store.

Music can really set the tone, but don’t go all Barry White, choose some simple mood music that you know your partner will love. You can find many videos on YouTube that have hours and hours of romantic tunes.

Providing you know that your significant other likes a drink, why not splash the cash on a nice bottle of champagne. Bottles range from inexpensive to ridiculous in price. Find one that suits your personal budget.

Finish off the mood with a nice champagne flute filled with champagne and a strawberry. The final touch is a nice bunch of flowers, and if you have the time, sprinkle some rose petals around the bed being careful of those sharp thorns!