One of the most ignored parts of a house is the garage. This is the place where all the unused or occasionally used stuffs like sports equipment, tools, hoses and boxes are kept because they cannot be accommodated in the main house. And for new home owners or those upgrading their home, the garage is usually left untouched allowing plenty of extra space to waste away. However, it should be interesting to know that there are better things to do with the extra space in your garage that will benefit you a lot. You can find a few of such creative ideas below.


It’s not good for the little kids to play outside too much especially when the weather is not very nice. One of the best things you can do with that extra space in your garage is to turn it into a playground for them. You however need to make sure that the room is fully air-conditioned to create conduciveness and there must be high quality garage doors for the purpose of security. Setting up this kind of playground is really not that expensive as you can just put a padded playroom on the concrete floor. This is also a great way to keep toy-mess away from the living room.
While some people don’t have the space, others don’t just like the idea of working-out in the living room in front of the television. If you belong to any of this group and you have extra space in your garage, why not turn it into a gym and avoid every kind of distractions that may be prevalent in the livingroom. You also get to avoid getting your carpets compressed by the heavy equipment.
If you have skills or certain hobby that you engage in on a regular basis and you’re worried about messing up the house with craft stuffs, why not organize that space lying unused in the garage and turn it into a professional crafts and hobby room. This will give you enough privacy to develop all the things you want to create. To make it look more elegant you can have it air-conditioned or beautify it with cheap laminate floor that will be easy to clean.
Exercising is good for the body and the soul and one method to do it in a fun and exciting way is to indulge in games. You can get a ping pong table, a pool table, a pinball machine or even a dartboard where everyone can get busy and leave the living room and kitchen space for the women to enjoy and take charge. That doesn’t mean the ladies too can’t join in shooting pools.

Being artistic doesn’t only require creativity; it also demands that you have the space and freedom to do anything you want, the way you want it. Obviously an art studio anywhere in the main house can be messy especially when the kids are going to be involved, and of course they would. The extra space in your garage is an excellent place to build an art studio so that you and your kids can make use of smocks, glues and paints to bring out the creativity within.