The last thing you want in your house is a room that feels stuffy and small. You don’t want to sit your living room or bedroom and feel like you’re suffocating because there’s no air or space to move around. Sometimes it’s nice to feel warm and cosy, but you don’t want your home to make you feel trapped. Luckily, if your home needs a bit more breathing room, there are things you can do to give it more of a light and airy feeling. Even in rooms that don’t have any windows, you can lighten them up, so they don’t feel as stuffy. Use some of these techniques to try to change a room’s image.

Stick to Light Colours

Dark colours in a small room will only make it look smaller. If you need to get some more air into your bedroom, kitchen, living room or anywhere else in the house, ditch the dark hues. Choose lighter colours, from white and cream to pastels. The same goes for your walls, fixtures and furniture. Don’t use dark wood, or it will be too overpowering. An entirely white room can be too much, so try combining white with light neutrals such as grey or powder blues, pinks and yellows. If you need some extra colour, add some brighter accents for a bit more life.

Simple, Sparse Furniture

Don’t cram the room with too much furniture. Keep both the amount and design of your pieces as simple as you can. More empty space will make the room feel more airy, so leave plenty of room between everything. If there’s no room to move around, you certainly won’t feel like the space is adequate for living in. Go for simple lines and classic designs and don’t try to be too fussy. Leave the fancy stuff for larger rooms where they won’t overpower everything.

Change the Doors

Literally opening up the room will make it feel more open. Doors can act as barriers, even if they give you privacy too. Instead of a regular swing door, you could replace it with a pocket door, which slides into the wall to give you more space. You could also try louvre doors to get the air coming through the slats or even a glass door. Another option is getting rid of the door and replacing it with a curtain that you can draw back.

Keep it Clear of Clutter

One of the best things you can do to make a stuffy room feel more airy is to keep it tidy. Don’t add too many accessories or bits and bobs. Try to stick to a minimalist look and keep all your knick-knacks in other rooms. Tidying up every day will help too, from making your bed to straightening sofa cushions. Too much clutter will leave you with less space and make the room feel even smaller.

There’s no need to put up with a gloomy, suffocating room when there are clever techniques to make it feel more airy. Just a couple of hours’ work could transform your previously stuffy room.