Although there are many types of garage doors available to homeowners that will provide security to the home, not all types feature the same great benefits as either a roller garage door or a sectional garage door.

Roller Garage Doors

In the last few years, the demand for roller garage doors  has increased significantly as more and more homeowners look to maximize the space they have available within the home.

Thanks to the unique design, additional storage space can be created inside the garage that simply would not be possible with any other form of security door. This is because the door coils into a neat and compact roll when it is open. This means that the ceiling space inside the garage can now be used to store items such as ladders, timber, or in fact any other household item that is not used on a regular basis.

Also, because the door rise vertically, vehicles can be parked very close to the garage opening without running the risk of not being able to access the building which is a common occurrence with traditional up and over garage doors installed. As such a roller garage door is the ideal option where the home only features a short driveway or in instances where the garage opens directly onto the highway.

Available in a wide range of sizes and colours, roller doors can be operated either by hand, or for added convenience can be specified to include a motor that will open and close the door at the touch of a button making them ideal for homeowners looking to use the garage space on a regular basis.

With 2 variations available, one featuring insulation and the other being un-insulated, roller garage doors are an extremely versatile product that can be used to secure many types of buildings including garages, workshops, storage sheds and outbuilding.

Finally, due to the limited amount of parts required to make up the door, they are the ideal choice for homeowners looking to add a new garage door on o DIY basis as they are supplied with full fitting instructions and require no specialist tools to install them.

Although a sectional garage door opens and closes vertically in the same way as the above roller door, this is where the similarities end. Rather than rolling up into a compact roll when the door is open, sectional garage doors retract back inside the garage to sit horizontally along the ceiling. This means that any storage space in this location will be lost.

However, many home owners are prepared to trade this small loss in storage space off against the other great benefits of this type of door. As the door retracts back inside the building rather than rolling up, this means the door can be embossed in a much wider range of designs than the roller door.

 In fact most homeowners prefer to install a sectional garage door with traditional panels that look similar to the majority of traditional garage doors installed into many UK homes.

Where sectional garage doors really excel is when the garage is attached to the main house. Featuring insulated door panels as thick as 42mm, significant savings can be made in the amount of heat lost from the garage opening leading to reductions in heating bills and will also make any adjoining rooms that much warmer.

Available in manual or electric opening in a wide selection of colours and sizes, a sectional garage door will offer many years of hassle free operation and will provide a high security barrier that will protect your valuables from unwanted intruders.

In conclusion, for homeowners looking to install an up to date home improvement product that will add value to their home, reduce utility bills and provide great levels of security, the only sensible option is a sectional garage door or roller garage door.